(World Cup) Goal data predicts Ghana will be among first to go

With the World Cup approaching on the 21st of November, no time is more important for players to keep their cool and help secure their country the win! As national teams prepare for the biggest football competition in the world, which ones will thrive under pressure and which will drop the ball?

With this in mind, experts at BesteOnlineCasinos.com, decided to find out the number of winning goals in the extra time, the last 5 minutes and the last 30 minutes, for all players in the current World Cup squads for all seasons and competitions that they have played in. All 32 squads that are partaking in the World cup were considered, with the goal record of 576 players analysed from various national teams. 

Top 10 national teams that are most likely to be knocked out early

Rank National team Goals scored in extra time Goals scored in last 5 minutes Goals scored  in last 30 minutes (excluding last 5 minutes) Total winning goals under pressure 
1 Qatar 0 1 9 10
2 Costa Rica 5 8 16 29
3 Saudi Arabia 4 9 17 30
4 Tunisia 7 10 16 33
5 Senegal 8 12 16 36
6 USA 7 17 19 43
7 South Korea 6 14 29 49
=8 Switzerland 6 15 29 50
=8 Denmark 7 15 28 50
9 Canada 11 15 27 53
10 Ghana 9 19 26 54

Please see full data here.  

BesteOnlineCasinos.com can exclusively reveal that World Cup hosts Qatar is the team that is most likely to be knocked out of the competition. Until now, Qatar has never qualified for a World Cup but qualifies automatically as they are hosts this year. Their current team members have scored 0 winning goals in extra time, 1 in the last 5 minutes and 9 in the last 30 minutes (excluding last 5 minutes) across their careers, with a total of 10 winning goals under pressure

In second position is Costa Rica. Costa Rica remains the only Central American team to win a match at the world cup and qualify past the group stages. Despite this, they have only scored 5 goals in extra time, 8 in the last 5 minutes and 16 in the last 30 minutes (excluding last 5 minutes) with a total of 29 winning goals under pressure

In third position is Saudi Arabia who are just ahead of Costa Rica with a total of 30 winning goals under pressure. The Fifa World Cup 2022 marks the first time the country has reached back-to-back World Cups since the early noughties. Their goal track record leaves much to be desired as they hope to get past the group stages. Players have scored 4 winning goals in extra time, 9 in the last 5 minutes, 17 in the last 30 minutes (excluding last 5 minutes) across their careers. 

Coming in at number four is Tunisia who have only appeared in the World Cup five times, most recently in 2018. They have scored 7 goals in extra time, 10 in the last five minutes, and 16 in the last 30 minutes (excluding last 5 minutes) bringing their total winning goals under pressure to 33. Rounding off the top five is Senegal  who Despite a plethora of star players including former Liverpool and now current Bayern Munich midfielder Mané, Chelsea goalkeeper Édouard Mendy and central defender club teammate Kalidou Koulibaly, Senegal ranks 5th in terms of performance under pressure among all teams participating in the World Cup. In comparison to first placed Belgium, with 146 winning goals scored under pressure, Senegal have amassed only 36 in comparison.’This squad has accumulated a total of 8 winning goals in extra time, 12 in the last 5 minutes and 16 in the last 30 minutes (excluding last 5 minutes)

In sixth position is the United States of America who have failed to qualify for the tournament in the last eight years. Surprisingly, the best result was during their first appearance in 1930, where they finished in third place. The world superpower is now among the most likely to be knocked out of the competition early doors with a measly 43 total winning goals scored under pressure. Meanwhile, their cousin Canada does not fare much better with only slightly 10 more total winning goals under pressure. As Canada and USA  are currently no.38 and no.16 in the Fifa world rankings, it seems they have a great challenge ahead of them if they hope to advance past the group stages.

Interestingly, Denmark was a standout in the qualifying stages of the World Cup 2022, winning eight matches without conceding a single goal. Despite this, according to their team’s goal record of just 50 total winning goals under pressure, we would expect them to be out of the competition quite early on. But will they surpass expectations and continue their winning streak?

Just scraping the top 10 is football mad Ghana who have qualified for the tournament three times although they are ranked very low in Fifa rankings at no. 61. Ghana’s star players, including Leicester City’s Daniel Amartney as well asTariq Lamptey who has chosen to switch from England to play for the squad in the 2022 World Cup. Despite their low ranking on Fifa, they have achieved a total of 54 winning goals under pressure.

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