Government to establish Labour bank – Dr Kingsley Agyeman revealed

The registrar of Ghana  scholarship secretariat Dr, Kingsley Aggyeman, has disclosed that his outfit in collaboration with other state actors, including Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) will create a labour bank   to address challenges of investors  and also for   export ,

According to him, this innovation will create a platform for the supply  of the right human resource   to meet the needs of  industry   of Ghanaians who have undergone training outside the country through the scholarship secretariat.

Work culture and language barriers associated with foreign business will be minimize with the availability of people trained from these countries to promote a healthy working environment for productivity.   

The experience and skills acquired by   numerous Ghanaians on scholarship across the globe will be harness to the benefit of Ghana. He stressed.

He announced this during the 10th anniversary of the Ghana Morocco old students association in Accra under the theme celebrating 10years of promoting regional integration through students youth diplomacy.

He noted that,  the tremendous support Ghana receive from  other countries to train Ghanaians   offers us an opportunity  to coordinate our human capital for  effective  deployment to earn foreign exchange and the transfer of technology  for local industries

He underscored the importance of the cooperation between institutions of state to drive policies for the socio economic  development of Ghana. 

Labour bank,  an institution where workers  who are willing to work could register themselves and the employers could get workers from it, is a key strategic resource to institutions for identification and utilization of the right human resource  making significant impact to corporate  objectives. 

It offers the labour market well trained personnel, appropriate and tailored  to meet the demands of the industry to achieve effectiveness and efficiency

Ghana, can boast of a sizeable number of professionals who obtained training outside and are making great strides in their various fields either home or abroad towards development .

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