Arun Govil Video: The way the woman touched Arun Govil’s feet after seeing ‘Ram’ at the airport, your eyes will become moist!

The image of Arun Govil, who became popular with ‘Ramayana’, is still 35 years old in the hearts of people. Therefore, wherever he appears, people bow down to his feet.

Whatever you see, the image of it gets created in your heart and mind. Then no matter how much you want, it cannot change. We are saying these things because something similar happened with Arun Govil and Dipika Chikhlia. In the 90s, when Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’ was telecast on TV, people watched it with great reverence from house to house because for the first time such a mythological serial was telecast. Wherever Arun as Ram and Deepika as Sita are seen, their fans fall at their feet and seek their blessings.

Ramayana was liked by the people so much that even today if a glimpse of it is seen, then the fans do not hesitate to pour their feelings on themselves. One such video of Arun Govil is going viral on social media. In this, he is seen at the airport. There is also a man and his wife, who on seeing the actor take off their slippers and bow down to him.

Woman fell at Arun Govil’s feet

The woman gets so emotional seeing Arun Govil that she first bows with folded hands and then takes blessings by touching her feet. After this the actor gives him an angavastra. She does not take it at first, but later when she takes this gift from him, she still thanks him with folded hands.

Arun Govil’s video went viral

After this video of the actor came to the fore, people started giving their feedback. One wrote – The issue is not whether today’s actors will get even one percent of the respect that Arun Govil is getting. The thing is, is he even doing something out of respect? No… he’s just doing it for the money.

People’s reaction on Arun Govil’s video

One wrote – Arun Govil and Nitish Bharadwaj played the character of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna so well that they do not appear in any other role. Even today, if Ram and Krishna are mentioned, then only their face comes in the mind.

Looted love on Arun Govil

One user wrote – Seeing them, I would have reacted in the same way. Along with many red heart and hand joining emojis.

Arun Govil felt uncomfortable after touching woman’s feet

Seeing this video of Arun Govil, it is clearly visible that he is seen uncomfortable with this behavior of the woman because he himself does not want any of his loved ones to fall at his feet like this. But no one cares about feelings.

Arun Govil’s craze didn’t land even after 35 years

Let us tell you that Ramayana was aired 35 years ago in 1897. Today Arun Govil’s age is 64 years. Meaning you see for yourself that in the eyes of the people, that mythological show still has the same image as it was at that time. However, all this has become very less now. At first it was difficult for them to leave their homes. Wherever the characters of Ramayana appeared, everyone fell at his feet. Started worshiping him like a god.

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