Inside Levi Bellfield’s dark mind tricks to seduce ‘intelligent’ lovers and psychotic secret that should alarm new bride

THE prospect of marrying an evil serial killer is chilling for most – but somehow Levi Bellfield has bagged himself a blonde fiancée from behind bars.

The Sun revealed how Milly Dowler’s murderer has filed a request to marry at HMP Frankland in Durham, where he is serving a whole-life term for at least three murders, including the 13-year-old.

Levi Bellfield's blonde bride-to-be is a victim, says Emma Kenny4

Levi Bellfield’s blonde bride-to-be is a victim, says Emma Kenny
Bellfield bagged himself a fiancée from prison4

Bellfield bagged himself a fiancée from prisonCredit: PA

Hammer killer Bellfield, 53, sparked outrage after it emerged he got down on one knee and proposed to his lover in front of stunned prison staff.

Incredibly, the besotted blonde – who The Sun is choosing not to name – accepted his marriage proposal. 

She began corresponding with Bellfield after he wrote to her two years ago, and she is now a regular visitor, travelling to see him once or twice a week for two hours at a time.

However, psychologist Emma Kenny argues she is just as much a victim as any of the women he’s abused or killed in the past – and has been manipulated by the twisted psychopath.

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Here, she tells The Sun how she believes Bellfield, who has 11 children by five different mothers, has used dark mind tricks to seduce her – just like he did all the other women who came before her.

Uses ‘charm reflexes’

Bellfield is no oil painting, but uses his “charm reflexes” to snare unsuspecting women, Emma suggests.

“Very early on, he was very confident,” she explains. “And he was a bouncer, so you always get women who like that particular look and idea of protectiveness that actually is predatory. 

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Bellfield murdered 13-year-old Milly Dowler - and at least two others4

Bellfield murdered 13-year-old Milly Dowler – and at least two othersCredit: Collect

“So he felt confident with it, even though he looks grotesque. 

“These women were all intelligent women. Ask them a year before, would they ever fall in love with somebody like this? No. That’s not how it works. 

“He’s very good at being glib, charming. He’s great at showing affection and makes you feel like he’s interested. 

“He’s demanding. He’s one of those individuals who will tell you what you need to hear to get what he wants, because he’s a manipulator. He’s psychopathic.”

New fiancée at risk despite life-term

One of Bellfield’s numerous exes previously claimed he would “start off extremely nicely, playing the fool and trying to convince them that he wasn’t a threat”.

But once they trusted them, he “turned into a controlling monster”.

Bellfield reportedly told a fellow prisoner he had offered one ex, Amelie Delagrange, cocaine before attacking her.

One partner was made to sit on a stool all night because she answered him back, and others were beaten into submission.

Emma says Bellfield’s new fiancee is still at risk – despite the fact he’s now behind bars.

She believes Bellfield profiled her and interviewed her extensively to make sure she was his usual type.

Bellfield would've made sure his fiance was vulnerable, available and desirable4

Bellfield would’ve made sure his fiance was vulnerable, available and desirableCredit: Rex Features

“A psychopathic serial killer will ask for three qualities – availability, vulnerability, and desirability,” she explains. “That’s how they pick the victim. 

“She’s desirable – she’s blonde, and alive and breathing, and is unusually interested in him at this point. 

“She’s definitely available because she’s made herself so and sees him regularly. 

“And she’s definitely vulnerable. She’s obviously got issues to do this.

“So even though he’s not murdering this one, it doesn’t matter. She’s still just a victim.

Even though he’s not murdering this one, it doesn’t matter. She’s still a victim

Emma Kenny

“He’ll be demanding, he’ll be controlling, he’ll use his manipulation in other ways. And she will be a victim of circumstance unless she has some kind of friend lock her in a hotel room and not let her out until she agrees to never see him again.”

Emma adds that Bellfield “does not like women at all”. 

“All his girlfriends reported domestic abuse very early on,” she observes.

“He was horrifically violent, so he’s always looking for a victim. 

“It really doesn’t matter whether you’re one of the people to whom he uses a hammer to blow to the head and kill or he beats you when you’re heavily pregnant.

“What matters is you’re within his control. He loves that. He’ll love manipulating her.”

Public fury

Yesterday Boris Johnson piled into the public fury over the killer’s shameless bid to get married, saying he is “sickened and appalled”.

Prisons Minister Victoria Atkins vowed to do “everything in her power” to stop the evil inmate tying the knot behind bars.

Bellfield’s ex Joe Collings, who was routinely raped, beaten and psychologically abused during her three-year relationship with the former bouncer, told The Sun how the stomach-churning news of his engagement left her in “floods of tears”.

The trauma Joe suffered 25 years ago still haunts her as she regularly suffers “flashbacks” and “horrific nightmares” where she wakes up screaming.

The 50-year-old claims that even decades on, he still tries to assert control over her from prison, put a hit out on her a few years ago and threatened an acid attack to “f*** her face up”.

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She feels her only relief will come when he is dead – and the mum believes he is lucky to even enjoy a life behind bars.

She said: “I have nightmares about the beatings and the rapes. Even though I know I couldn’t, I will always wonder if I could have done anything to stop him – I have to live with the guilt.”

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