Wheel of Fortune Contestant Messes Up Eurythmics Lyrics, Twitter Equally Confused

"'Wheel of Fortune' ain't gonna make me think I've been hearing those lyrics wrong for almost 40 years," wrote a Twitter user.

A contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” mixed up the lyrics to the famous ’80s song, “Sweet Dreams” — and it seems that he’s not alone in his mistake.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Chris Bryant went to solve a “song lyrics” puzzle featuring the lyrics from Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams:” “Sweet dreams are made of these.”

Although only three letters hadn’t been revealed, Bryant flubbed the last word, which had already been fully solved, when he said it out loud. He pronounced “this” as “these,” which many people also believed was the correct lyric as that’s the word it sounds like Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox sings on the track. More importantly, the next line in the song — “I traveled the world and the seven seas” — ends with “seas,” which rhymes with “these.”

Many social media users reacted on Twitter after learning the (apparently) correct lyrics, expressing their surprise over this new revelation. As a good amount of viewers on Twitter appeared to be as equally confused, they didn’t bash Bryant for mispronouncing the answer to the puzzle.

“Until I hear Annie Lennox confirm herself that the lyrics are ‘Sweet dreams are made of THIS’, I will not believe it,” a person wrote. “‘Wheel of Fortune’ ain’t gonna make me think I’ve been hearing those lyrics wrong for almost 40 years.”

“Today I learned it’s ‘sweet dreams are made of this’ not ‘these,'” another viewer tweeted. “Anyone else questioning everything they know?”

A user wrote that they’ll “defend the contestant,” noting that, “When they sing the song, it does sound like they’re saying ‘Sweet dreams are made of these’ instead of ‘this.'”

Another added, “The lyric is definitely ‘Sweet Dreams are Made of This’ but it is rhymed with ‘I traveled the world and the seven seas’ so I will not bash this dude for f—ing up.”

Although he didn’t answer that puzzle correctly, Bryant went on to win $26,405 in prizes, per Yahoo!.

See more Twitter reactions in the tweets, below.


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