Jersey Shore: Why Angelina Is Hesitant to Pull Plug on ‘F—ed Up’ Marriage

Pivarnick's left "pissed off" after Pauly D mentions her alleged "side piece" in front of her husband.

Things aren’t looking too good for Angelina Pivarnick and husband Chris Larangeria.

On this week’s episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” Angelina opened up to more of her roommates about her ongoing issues with her husband — after visiting a divorce lawyer with Jenni “JWoww” Farley the previous week. The two left that meeting with Pivarnick deciding to make a decision on whether to pull the plug on her marriage or not by the couple’s second wedding anniversary, which was swiftly approaching.

During a Meatball Day at Deena Nicole Cortese’s home with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Pivarnick first opened up about wanting to freeze her eggs, before she was asked how things were going at home.

“Just doing therapy right now. I don’t really know if it’s helping. We’ll see how it goes, I just take it day by day,” she shared. “I don’t know what he wants. He says he wants to be with me but then he says a lot of hurtful things, like, ‘F—ing divorce me already. No guy is going to f—ing deal with what I deal with.’ He acts like I don’t do anything in our home. It’s been hard. It’s a lot.”

In a confessional, she admitted that “things are really f—ed up between Chris and I right now,” which left her wondering what to do next. “This is a big decision to make, if I’m going to stay or leave my marriage,” she said, adding that Chris didn’t know about her decision or her deadline to make it.

Later, all the girls had a brunch together, where Jenni pointed out how Angelina was still wearing her wedding ring.

“I always wear it. We’re just floating in the water, just like … We’re kind of just like friends more,” she then told her friends. “We don’t have any sex and it’s been over a year,” she added, saying that when it comes to divorce, her biggest fear was that she’d come to “regret it” down the line.

Elsewhere in the episode, Angelina’s alleged “side piece” came up two different times, first when Vinny Guadagnino stopped by her “hamster cage” to let her know he had sold his Staten Island home. With Chris not home, he asked, “Is the side piece here? Where does the side piece sleep?”

Angelina was not amused.

Last season, the rest of the “Jersey Shore” cast was on the case when someone alleging to have videos of Angelina tossing chicken tenders outside of her “side boo’s” home in Old Bridge, New Jersey. She adamantly denies the allegations. While at dinner with everyone, Pauly D alluded to the affair rumors by asking Angelina — who was seated directly next to her husband Chris — how far the restaurant was from Old Bridge.

He then made it worse by adding, “We can check in on the side-piece. Come on!”

After venting in a confessional about how she was over her sometimes-roommies’ constant ribbing, she exclaimed, “What the f—!?” She added: “Two can play at this game. I’m pissed off right now.  People always spread rumors about me. Maybe I should say I heard a rumor about them! It’s fair game now.”

The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Angelina prepared to drop a (likely made up) bomb of her own.

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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