Twitter Updates: Reply with video Tweets & more

Twitter Updates

Twitter has announced few updates including a new format for the Quote Tweet feature and a change is being tested for the Tweet Composer.

Tweet Take and updated Tweet Composer, both of these updates are in the testing phase and may not be widely available to all Twitter users.

Tweet Take

This feature will enable users to Quote Tweet with a reaction video or photo. Quote Tweet has always been a reactive feature but has been limited to the textual format, but with this new addition, users can react with visuals, along with the primary Tweet embedded in the post.

Tweet Take also opens the doors for interactive content on the platform, wherein creators would be able to create content based on audience feedback or requests.

The feature is also similar to Reels Visual Replies recently launched by Instagram, which allows creators to reply to comments with a Reel and the comment appearing as a pop-up sticker.

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Tweet Composer

The Tweet Composer placed at the top of the Home feed is going through an alteration in this test and has been moved to the bottom navigation bar to make it easier to post a Tweet anytime. This change is only being tested on iOS.

Conversation Prompts

As conversations on Twitter can range from light-hearted banters to full-blown debates that can heat up quickly, to enable users to get a sense of the interactions and decide whether they would like to participate or not, the platform was recently also testing conversation prompts.

These prompts can help users know if the interactions could get intense and also remind the users to stay respectful, check facts, and be open to different perspectives. The prompts are being tested on both iOS and Android, but may not be widely available to all users

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