Jamie Lynn Spears calls out troll who wished rape on her daughters: ‘Rise above the evil’

WARNING: Distressing content

Jamie Lynn Spears has been forced to call out a troll who made horrifying rape threats against her two daughters on Facebook.

Spears, 30 — the younger sister of embattled popstar Britney Spears — took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a revolting message sent her by an anonymous cyber bully and penned a message for her haters.

The cruel message sent to the singer and actress stated: “White trash b—. I hope your daughters get raped. Both of them.”

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Jamie Lynn Spears

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The Zoey 101 star’s response simply read: “Man that’s awful.”

After receiving the abusive message, Spears told her followers she has been the subject of “hate from strangers” since she was eight years old.

“I’ve gotten beyond used to receiving the love and the hate of strangers, since before I ever even had a choice at the age of like 8,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“So growing up I had to learn not the acknowledge the hate, and to rise above the evil and NEVER give negativity the attention it so desperately wants, but this is one of the ones I can’t just brush off.

Jamie Lynn Spears

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“You may not love me, and that’s fine, but THIS shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances, much less about innocent underage children.”

While Spears acknowledged her privilege as a celebrity, she told fans there was no place for such horrendous bullying.

The mother-of-two then took the opportunity to ask her followers to spread kindness to help drown out the abuse from online trolls.

Jamie Lynn Spears calls out troll who made hideous rape threat

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“I know I am blessed beyond measure, and I have so much to be thankful for…. I can’t complain when there are much more important things to focus on in today’s world,” Spears continued.

“So let’s all do one kind thing for someone else today, and just maybe this negativity will bring along something positive to someone who needs it. Love ya’ll.”

Spears is mother to Maddie, 13, her daughter from a teen pregnancy to Casey Aldridge, and three-year-old Ivey, who she shares with husband Jamie Watson.

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