I’m a traveller and this is the REAL reason we have plastic covers on our sofas – trolls say we just want to return them

A TRAVELLER has revealed the real reason she keeps plastic covers on her sofa – after trolls suggested it was so she could return them.

Shannon Britton shares snippets from her traveller life on her TikTok page, with people wondering about the unusual sofa coverings after seeing them in a previous video.


Traveller Shannon has opened up about the real reason they have plastic covers on their sofas[/caption]


Shannon also said it was like sitting on a leather sofa, and wasn’t at all uncomfortable[/caption]

Returning to the site, the mother-of-two made another video explaining why she decides to cover her furniture in plastic, admitting it’s the “most asked question” on her videos.

“It’s not uncomfortable, it feels like sitting on a leather sofa,” she said.

“The reason we do it is to keep them clean and to stop them getting damaged.

“It’s a white sofa. We like to keep things looking new and clean.”

Shannon also said that her children are another reason for the coverings.

“I also have two small children so yeah, we do get a lot of spillages and baby vomit, so it keeps it clean – that’s the main thing,” she added.

In the comments section of the video, many people asked Shannon how she gets plastic the right size for the sofa.

“You buy it on a roll , cut to size wrap the individual bunks like you would a present and tape it in place,” she explained.

Despite her reasonings for the covers, she still received some rude comments from trolls, one of whom wrote: “It’s so they can still return it.”

Other people commented to say that the practice of covering furniture in plastic was more common several years ago.


She buys the plastic in large rolls and then wraps up each piece of the sofa like presents[/caption]

“People act like we all didn’t do this back in the 80’s and 90’s,” someone wrote. “Enjoy your home, your way.”

“This was what my Irish nan did,” another person commented. “Plastic roll mats in the hallways and mats by every external door.”

Others expressed their regret at not having covered their own furniture, with one writing: “I wish i’d covered my old sofa is was beautiful but once i had my son that sofa was ruined in 6 months.”

“I wish more people did this. we do this with our dinning room chairs as they’re fabric,” another person commented, to which Shannon replied: “Yes ! Especially dining chairs the food spills would ruin them.”

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