Opinion: How AI is helping to boost content marketing

Mayank Jain AI content marketing

Mayank Jain from Scalenut sheds light on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can boost content marketing for startups and explains how the world is leveraging the technology to revolutionize the industry for the better.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the content marketing landscape for the better. From emails & newsletters to social media posts, AI tools are helping marketers create better content at scale. Especially for start-ups, AI-powered content tools are a game-changer.

Instead of toiling for hours to create the best content, marketers can craft informative and differentiating content pieces in a short span of time with the help of AI. For example, Gmail’s Smart Compose suggests ideal replies based on email content and the first few words we type. Similarly, LinkedIn’s chat automatically comes up with perfect replies to messages. Whether you are pro-technology or anti, you cannot ignore the usefulness of AI in performing the meager daily tasks of a content marketer. 

AI-powered content tools such as Scalenut’s SEO Assistant helps in researching the blog topics and creating content that attracts, engages, and inspires readers to take positive action. The tools like Grammarly help you analyze your content based on the parameters you set and suggest changes in grammar, sentence formation, and choice of words accordingly. 

With the advent of AI, social media recommendation engines, and eCommerce retargeting, the world is leveraging this technology. Let’s look at how AI is revolutionizing the content marketing industry.

Identify Search Intent

Previously, Google’s search algorithm (Rank Brain) would rank web pages based on mindless keyword density.  Today, Rank Brain has the power to identify and understand the intent behind every search, which means that the search engine can recognize the context of words in the search queries.

AI-powered content tools understand this and help you create content that addresses the search intent behind your target keywords.

Hyper-Personalize Content

Personalization is the talk of the town. It appeals to the audience but is a head-scratcher for the companies and the content marketers. Well, AI can help you here. For instance, email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Sendinblue offer content marketers the ability to personalize each email by using the recipient’s first name.

Other tools like Marketo by Adobe, Market Muse, Bright Edge help you identify consumer behavior patterns and deliver content with higher chances of engagement. As much as 94% of creators feel that better content technology is the key to creating more personalized and engaging content. 

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Offer Topic Inspiration

As per the State of Content Marketing Survey by Zazzle Media, 60% of businesses cannot produce consistent content, and over 65% find it tough to create engaging content. Creating content is easy, but creating interesting content can be difficult. 

Marketers need to develop new topics continuously, and AI-powered tools solve this issue by literally reading every word on the internet and identifying what is brewing in the market. Tools such as Scalenut’s SEO tells how AI can help you find new topics ideas, conduct competitive research, and use NLP terms for comprehension, in turn improving ranks. 

Content Automation

In 2020, an average internet user spent over 6 hours and 59 minutes consuming content every day. Users have an unquenchable thirst for content, and they demand engaging and fresh content every day. Developing content every day can be a hassle for a content marketer. Here, Natural Language Generation (NLG), a branch of AI, can help solve this problem. Some of the few ways that NLG is supporting content creators:

  • Analyze content effectiveness and align the tone of voice and sentimental impact of content on websites and blogs. 
  • Produce content variations for different user personas and ensure a hyper-personalized experience. 
  • Help young professional writers in editing and creating content. 
  • Automatically generate text with little to no human intervention. 

Artificial Intelligence is changing how businesses work and create content. From research to execution, content marketers use AI in every aspect of content marketing. 

Although content marketing will always remain a person-led job, AI can amplify its efforts to new heights. For a start-up, AI offers much-needed support in planning, researching, and creating content that helps differentiate products/services from the competition. 

If you are a start-up marketer, it is time to dive into the world of AI and empower your content marketing efforts for better results.

This article piece is authored by Mayank Jain, Co-Founder, Scalenut

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