Build and Insulate Your Emotional Shock Absorbers in Order to Succeed as a Leader – Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng

Cape Coast, 31st October, 2021, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng, founder of the Power Chapel Worldwide has posited that leaders must learn how to master their emotions in order to become successful leaders.

He averred that people who are emotional act like kids and are often times not rational in their decisions. “Understand that you cannot let emotions master you. There are a lot of seventeen year old men and seventy year old boys.”

“Your age doesn’t make you a man, it is your process and maturity that makes you a man.”

Highlighting what leaders should expect, the Power Chapel Worldwide leader furthered that, leaders must appreciate the fact not all the people they work with shall love them. “It takes the people that are close to you to hurt you, to offend you but, as a leader grow above it and let it go”.

He advised leaders to be insensitive by building their shock absorbers to the extent that “Let them hurt you but, don’t hurt them. Let them talk about you but, don’t talk about them. Let them misrepresent you but, don’t misrepresent them. Let them lie on you but, don’t lie on them.” These are exhibits of true leadership.

Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng made these revelations in video posted by FA Boateng on his Facebook wall. He was teaching on the topic “Keys to Effective Leadership”.

In concluding his teaching, he underscored the fact that, those who want to become leaders must learn not to react to everything that happens around them.

“If you want to be a leader, if you want to be a pastor; if you want to be a prophet; if you want to be a business man; if you want to be a businesswoman; the kinds of things you would here, if you don’t bring your emotions into check, your mind would go off”.

“You’ve got to be insensitive and insulate your emotions against whatever invasions that come in. And tell yourself that I know that God has made me a leader and I believe and know that me redeemer liveth” he ended.

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