Believing In The Theory Of The Future, Is More Paramount In Reconstructing Ghana

The success or failure of any country, society, organisation, person, etc., lies in how their future is planned.

We grow up to maturity, and whether we live in a continuum of dependency, or we depart from it to live happily in successful affluent life always depends on how we plan our own future.

“Believing in the theory of the future” is a universal truist and ineffable concept that is presumably eluding the thinking of many Ghanaians. This theory, if adhered to, in his candid opinion, will seek to disentangle Ghana from its shackles of poverty, and continuous dependency. An unwholesome dependency that allways seeks to perpetuate Ghana and Ghanaians and other dependency countries in a mindset plenished with a sort of melodrama of mediocrity and contentment with nothing but vanity.

Hon. Boakye Agyarko sits in serenity and asks why Ghana remains what it has been for decades of so-called post-independence.
His enthusiasm in believing in a theory of the future does not exhaust self-made concerted efforts to forge ahead in unison, and with high hopes to be successful and affluent as a nation endowed with riches and precious natural resources. Together, we can role up our sleeves, and set ourselves to hardwork, true jingoist nationalists for developing and advancing Ghana.

Hon.Boakye Agyarko seeks to open up himself for the people to be asked hard and pertinent questions for true, realistic and sustainable solutions to problems that have not just been perceived to have come to exist as Impediments to our progress and development.

If elected as NPP leader, and is eventually elected President of Ghana, the current state of Ghanaians going prostate and dumbfounded before service authorities will be a thing of the past. Hon. Boakye Agyarko believes neither in autocratic nor fanfare leadership, but a leadership that means business to salvage and reconstruct Ghana.
In his theoretical beliefs that can be easily practicable, Ghanaians have every right to know all the whys and how we remain static in our socio-economic and political development, as together, all of us will participate in working on as a project for all.

As a man not of many words, Hon Boakye Agyarko seeks to set his subscription to a future” administration to work in a manner that will benefit Ghana and Ghanaians in abundance.
His believe in the theory of the future is what he’s enjoining all Ghanaians to participate in, be seen, and be heard wherever we are, from the high office at the Jubilee House.

The future is clear, and its bright, however, it’s up to you and I to lift up aloft the banner of acknowledging and appreciating that Ghanaians are ready for competitive development to success.

Hon. Boakye Agyarko acknowledges that the developed and advanced countries did not achieve success and advancement out of the blue, it was through joint efforts, nationalism, dedication and selfless stewardship, that have lifted them this high, that we, the soi-disant underdeveloped third world countries of the world, keep on peeping under their feet in dishonour, begging for their alms gathered from their tax-paying public.
Hon. Boakye Agyarko avers that, not until we Ghanaians stand up firmly to be nationalistic in “fighting” for our rights, accompanied with carrying out our duties, aimed at imbibing development, and forgetting about the bitter past, and move on with an aim to achieve socio-economic success through realisation of believing in the theory of the future as a national project, we shall continue living in a state of decadence. We can however, end this aura of vicious cycle of third worldness by electing quality and performing leaders, particularly our Presidents and the appointment of his/her cabinet of meritorious can-do appointees.

A magnanimous President solves all pressing and biting problems for the sake of the development of Ghana.
Such is the sort of leadership that Ghana and Ghanaians need to see and appreciate real competitive development.

Therefore, fellow NPP members and delegates, join Hon Boakye Agyarko subscribes to the doctrine of believing in the theory of the future; because, the present has in many ways been better than the past, so does it emerge that the future, if carefully planned with realistic and executable project for development, aimed at shirking poverty and socio-economic underdevelopmrent.

~ Boampong Bill Darlington
TAIN Constituency.

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