Yahya Diab: The young C.E.O making impact in the petroleum & gas industry

In the early entrepreneur stages, young and ambitious Yahya Diab always had a passion for the petroleum industry.

In a field that is well known to be the playgrounds for Giant corporations and multinational companies stands the 25-year-old CEO of Veros Petroleum Limited, a registered and licensed Oil Marketing Company ( OMCs) in Ghana which engages in Fuel Retailing, Bulk Distribution, Bunkering, storage facilitation and the Sales of Lubricants and Petroleum Spirits.

How was Growing up for Yahya Diab

Ever since I was young I always had a passion for the petroleum industry. I always watched with excitement how fuel station pump attendants served us and other consumers and the smile it put on our faces when they filled our car tanks.

Going to the fuel station was like a discovery tour for me and for every time I went there with my father always had a new question to ask.

How the Journey Started

Early 2014 on my academic vacation I decided to approach a timber factory to get some procurement contracts from them to which I came across a request for 13,500 liters of Diesel.

I had a Family friend who was working as a sales representative for one of the Oil companies at that time who I manage to convince to supply the timber factory on my behalf after we agreed on the Commission for brokering a deal which was successfully executed.

Yahya Diab
Yahya Diab

As a young man, this motivated me to look deeper into the industry and make a career out of it since I always had a passion for it. The orders gradually started increasing so did my client list and in a few years, I decided to start my own company and have access to do direct business with my clients.

After successfully working hard in meeting the requirements and putting the right things in place my company Veros Petroleum was finally granted a license to do business in the Petroleum industry which gradually grew to the current stage.

Veros Petroleum is a Licensed Oil Marketing Company that engages in Fuel Retailing, Bulk Distribution, Bunkering, storage facilitation, and the Sales of Lubricants and Petroleum Spirits.

Currently, the company has 4 Fuel Stations which are located at strategic locations in the country to serve motorists with Premium Grade Fuel. The company is expanding operations to other regions with plans to roll out 20 more fuel stations before the end of 2025.

Difficulties and Challenges

Yahya Diab the CEO of Veros Petroleum expressed that as a young growing company competing with industry giants and meeting the industry regulator requirements during the Covid Pandemic and the financial breakdown the world witnesses today makes it hard to grow and expand operations compared to previous years however he said that with government plans and effort to boost and support the private sector he is certain that the authorities will support and help the indigenous Ghanaian companies grow to a multinational level and put Ghana on the Map.

Yahya Diab advises that anyone who wants to be successful should always work hard, be consistent, and above all believe in his vision .in quote he said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and no matter what difficulties you encounter on their career road they should never be discouraged or lose faith in their journey.

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