Electricity Bill: How To Check Your Electricity Bill Online, Know All Easy Ways

Electricity Bill: How To Check Your Electricity Bill Online, Know All Easy WaysIn India, we still have to use old government methods for many things. For example, even after Digital India, many places still wait for the bill printed on paper to see the electricity bill.


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Where India is rapidly going digital and the usage of smartphones is increasing now, it is not a good idea to wait forever to know about the electricity bill. Now when you can shop for the product of your choice at home, then why not do all the work sitting at home for the electricity bill as well.

Many people still go to the billing counter to pay the bill which is not correct. It is very easy for you to do this work sitting at home, so let us tell you something about the electricity bill today.

If you are thinking that to know the amount of electricity bill, then you have to wait for the bill, then it is also wrong. So let us tell you how you can check and fill this bill.

Check through UPI apps-

This will be done through any UPI app with which you have registered. This is the easiest way to check your electricity bill and it works in all digital payment apps.

What to do-

  • First register your electricity bill. It will be in the Bills section of the app.
  • You just have to register once and it is very easy. Go to the Bills section, select your electrical board and then enter your meter number. Just your registration or account is linked.
  • Now whenever your bill will come you will get notification and you will get to know on your app how much bill is 15-20 days before bill payment date. You can pay your bill directly from the same app.

The most important steps to pay the bill online-

Consumer ID is the most important step to pay the bill online . This is actually the account in which you have to make payment every month. This may be given in your electricity bill, in many apps, the meter number and the name of the bill in whose name is registered.

You will need a one-time electricity bill to which you can link the consumer ID.

Once your account is linked, then every month this process will become much easier.

Check from official websites-

If you do not or do not wish to use UPI payments , you can also check the same from the official website of your Electricity Board.

What to do-

  • First of all go to the website of your electricity board.
  • Now login to your account. Most of the time your ID password is linked to your meter number.
  • If you do not know that, then once on Google, see the way to get the ID password of your electricity board. It will be easy for you to login to your account.
  • Now you click on the billing amount option and then your bill will be paid easily.

The most important thing in both these methods is that you should know what your login ID is. To know this, once you have to see the hard copy of your bill, but after that it will not be needed.

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