Cyber ​​Fraud: Paytm KYC, Tax Refund, ATM OTP… Stay away from such requests, the money lost is not returned ! - Rokoto

Cyber ​​Fraud: Paytm KYC, Tax Refund, ATM OTP… Stay away from such requests, the money lost is not returned !

Cyber ​​Fraud: Today, cyber thugs sit hundreds of miles away and make an unknown person their victim and take away his hard earned money from his account. These are not very educated people but find new ways of cyber fraud.
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They operate from the village till the countryside. Now we have to live with these thugs, so obviously we have to find ways to escape from them.

Work like transferring money used to take hours. Today everything is done with a single click and lakhs and crores of rupees are deposited or transferred. How easy things have become. But with this has come a new method of cheating which is called cyber fraud. Today, cyber thugs sit hundreds of miles away and make an unknown person their victim and take away his hard earned money from his account. This has become a common thing and such news keeps on coming every day.

The police keep on catching them but the cheating continues unabated. New nets are woven every now and then. Jharkhand has become the biggest center of fraud in India from where these thugs operate. These are not very educated people but find new ways of cyber fraud. They operate from the village till the countryside.

The government made the IT Act to deal with them, but the cases in it have increased so much that even the hearing in the courts is getting delayed. Now with these thugs we have to If you want to live, then obviously you have to find ways to escape from them. Let us see what are the traps or traps that are laid and what are the ways to avoid them. This report of Madhurendra Sinha will help you a lot.
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They steal money by giving the lure of lottery

You will get a message that there is a big lottery in your name or some big company is giving free gifts. Just send your bank details and other information. People easily fall into this trap and send their complete details. Along with that, they take out all the money of the victim and go away.

Many times you are told by the names of big companies like Amazon, Microsoft that they want to gift you on completion of 25 years or 50 years. For this, they ask you for your bank account number etc. and then fly away with the money. Nigerians are very active in this game and they send all kinds of tempting mails. Who doesn’t want free money? People fall into their trap. Once the answer is found, they withdraw all the money of the victim.

How to avoid – It is not very difficult to avoid such thugs. First of all, know that a company does not give any gift or money to anyone. He has to work hard. Then you don’t believe in such things. Ignore such mail and put it in spam. Although Gmail itself keeps putting such mail in spam but still some are saved. Stay away from them and delete them by putting them in spam immediately.

Cheating in the name of Paytm Verification KYC

The thugs ask for verification of Paytm KYC through phone. This is a very old method of thugs of Jamtara in Jharkhand and now Mewat in Haryana. They scare the victim that their Paytm will shut down. After this, by sending a link, they ask him to open it and after that they take possession of his mobile phone and then withdraw the money and become fuzzy. His phone starts going off.

How to avoid – For this you should not believe on such SMS or phone. No answer phone at all. Paytm or such payment banks do not do online KYC verification. There are designated places for these where this facility is free.

Compulsion Benefit, LIC Bonus

The common man makes many types of investments to increase his money and life insurance is there. There are many insurance companies in the country and they keep making payments from time to time. Cyber ​​thugs take advantage of this and their people cheat all over the country by making call centers.

The thugs say that if the company has not given the bonus, then they will get the bonus, because the insurance companies have entrusted them with the same work. But this is pure fraud, as no such department has been created by the government or the insurance companies. These thugs will withdraw money from your account by taking your bank details and later taking OTP from you.

How to avoid – The only way to avoid them is to ignore their words and keep ignoring their calls and blocking them. Do not give your bank details or OTP to anyone under any circumstances. You ask such people the address of their office. This will confirm that they are lying. If you are getting more trouble then call the insurance company yourself. Will get to know. You can call or mail the insurance company directly.
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income tax refund

These days income tax refunds keep on coming. Sometimes they are not available on time. Cyber ​​thugs mail and send links to their victims. They have mail addresses of thousands of people and they send them fake income tax department letters. The name of their website is also similar and it also has the logo of Income Tax Department etc. Due to this people fall in their trap and give their complete details.

The official website of Income Tax Department is- and thugs try to make it look like real by making slight changes in it. Keep in mind that the Income Tax Department does not ask for any kind of PIN or OTP etc. He has your complete details and hence he will not ask you for any such information. He can ask for your PAN number at most.

How to avoid – Here you have to be alert and in this way you will be able to save yourself. People’s data is sold openly in the country and cyber thugs take it from there.

Credit card and debit card fraud

Under this, thugs either steal your card or get your card details by phone or mail. Many times thugs take the details from you by becoming a bank officer and send a link. By clicking on it, they get your details. Another way is that they get duplicate card made by taking your discarded documents like PAN card etc. and withdraw money with new PIN. For this, they also get duplicate SIM cards made. Even when you enter the PIN in ATM, they keep track of it from somewhere. A huge amount of money is laundered through cards.

How to Avoid – Ignore any calls to avoid them. Always destroy your important documents and throw them away. Whenever you submit your documents like PAN, Aadhar etc., then definitely write its purpose on it. In case of any doubt, inquire with the bank. Cyber ​​thugs also keep their numbers in Google and people get trapped in it.

To avoid this, call your bank directly or visit its website. Do not allow any stranger to come near you in the ATM. Do not share the PIN with anyone under any circumstances. It is better to keep changing the PIN from time to time. Erase the CVV number from your credit or debit card and note it down and keep it in a safe place at home. With this, no transaction can be done if the card is lost.

Cheat with money

Nowadays thugs are active on olex or such platform. They will pretend to buy you a car or any other item and then send you some advance money online. You will click on the link to take money. With this your account will be exposed. These links are actually malware that goes into your device and searches for bank details, key words, passwords, contacts. The thug attacks the bank account through them and transfers the money. Do not do online transactions with any unknown person. It could be phishing. He tries to win your trust by sending money. You better meet him yourself. Why would anyone just give you money?

How to avoidThere is a saying in English, there is no free lunch. Always remember this thing. Do not click on any suspicious link. If someone has sent an email to you, then check its URL. Avoid URLs with only HTTP as they do not have security and data can be tampered with. Whenever you send anything in it, it can be easily extracted by anyone because the data in it is not encrypted, Even your password. Notify the bank or card issuer as soon as the card is lost. Do report to the police if money is withdrawn.

This will increase your chances of getting your money back. Pay attention to every SMS you get about the card. It is better to be careful not to open any unknown link, no matter how attractively written it is. Through this link, the thug will capture your mobile or computer and then extract your details. Do not give PIN or OTP number to anyone. The thugs will call and ask for this from you. Sometimes they make threats but you stay adamant and it is best not to listen to their phone calls. Put their mail in spam. Notify everyone as soon as the card is lost.

Nothing is available for free and so don’t fall for any kind of greed. Many times the criminal will tell that the gift sent to you has been caught by the customs officers and so many lakhs of rupees are needed to get it free. as soon as you pay You will get a gift. But as soon as the money was given, the thug disappeared. Don’t believe in any such thing. Many times it is said that the car has come out in your name and you only have to pay the tax money. As soon as he takes the money, he switches off his mobile and runs away.
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What do legal experts say?

Retired Justice Anjana Prakash of the High Court says that to prevent cybercrime, it is necessary that the cases related to them should be heard immediately. This will punish the offender, because in such cases everything is documented i.e. there is complete evidence of fraud (mobile call, bank account, paytm etc.). Criminals will also be afraid of being punished immediately. Not only this, if he commits the same offense again, the quantum of punishment should be higher for the second time.

They will be dismayed by more punishment for every crime. But in such cases there is also the problem of territory. The victim is in some other state while the criminal is somewhere else. The second problem is also that judges in big cities have an understanding of such matters but in other cities they may not. They don’t understand the nuances of cybercrime that much. For this, the government and the judiciary will have to do a lot.

Jamtara Connection

When you go to Calcutta from Patna, a station will come in Jharkhand. The name is Jamtara. This is the biggest place of fraud. Pucca houses, expensive motorcycles, expensive mobile phones will all be seen here, while no youth will be found working anywhere. Everyone’s education is also limited, matriculation pass or a little more. This crime started from here.

A young man who returned after working from BPO of Mumbai gave this mantra of cheating to the youth there and since then this fraud has reached a distance of hundred kilometers. Young people from far and wide are also participating in this. Every day there are raids by the police of any state somewhere, even thugs are caught, but this business is flourishing since 2013.
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Even big people fall in their trap like former ministers, Preneet Kaur, MP and wife of Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. Jamtara’s thug Ataul Ansari had cheated 23 lakh rupees from him. Such cheating happens everyday and now its new destination is Mewat.

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