Goldie Hawn Recalls Harrowing Birth of Son Oliver Hudson: ‘I Learned My Baby Might Die’

The Oscar winner said her first born had a 40% chance of living.

Goldie Hawn recalled how the first time she became a mother was a harrowing experience as son Oliver Hudson had a life-threatening emergency when he was born.

During Thursday’s episode of Oliver and sister Kate Hudson’s podcast “Sibling Rivalry,” Goldie sat in for daughter Kate and told the story of Oliver’s arrival into the world where he was quickly rushed to the newborn intensive care unit after Goldie’s cesarean section.

“I learned that my baby might die,” she explained. “You had a 40 percent chance of living. They wheeled me into my room, and it was dark, and all the hallways were dark, and they put me in my bed and the doctor came in and he was very upset. He said, ‘He’s going to make it. He’s going to make it.'”

Oliver suffered from meconium aspiration syndrome, according to Goldie, which is when a newborn breathes fecal matter into their lungs before or around the time they are born.

After Oliver was healthy enough for Goldie to see him again, as they had been separated while he was being treated, the actress said she had reservations. “I was so afraid I would see you, and I would fall in love with you, and you would die,” she explained.

Goldie went on to say how her mother was at the hospital at the time and had a “PTSD” moment when Oliver was taken to the intensive care unit as she had lost a child to sudden infant death syndrome.

Much like her mother, the traumatic experience stuck with Goldie, as she had a “panic attack” during a visit to a newborn intensive care unit for a charity event years later.

“I had to get out. It was just visceral, in my being,” she said. “These things, whether you’re conscious or unconscious, they do matter.”

It appears both mother and son have recovered nicely and even retained a sense of humor, as Oliver promoted the podcast with a picture (above) of a young Goldie holding a 13-week-old Oliver and the caption, “Thirteen weeks after mom gave birth to John Malkovich.. we talk about it on @siblingrevelry CHECK IT OUT!!”

Goldie commented, “Hahahahahahaha. Can’t stop laughing 😆”

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