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Maci Bookout Reflects on Disastrous Teen Mom Reunion Feud With Ryan’s Parents (Exclusive Video)

“Jen and Larry are grown ass people.”

The reunion drama between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards’ parents, Jen and Larry, isn’t over yet.

In this sneak peek at Tuesday night’s “Teen Mom OG” season premiere, Maci reflects on the screaming match that ensued between her husband Taylor McKinney and her ex’s parents. Both Maci and her husband have had a tumultuous relationship with her son Bentley’s birth father, and his family. During the reunion, Taylor accused Jen and Larry of ignoring their grandson’s feelings and prioritizing the needs of their son, who has taken little initiative in building a relationship with his own boy.

“Bentley has grown up so much in the last year, but Taylor and I grew really frustrated with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry,” Maci explains in a voice over, recapping last season’s feud. “We didn’t appreciate that they lied to the tabloids about us and they ignored Bentley’s feelings. Then at the reunion, Taylor and Larry got in an argument over something that has been brewing for a while. And I don’t know what it means for the future.”

In the new footage, Maci tells her friend Ashley that the reunion was indeed a disaster, opening up about what made the confrontation so stressful.

“Larry, like his body language and his face and the way he was talking, like he was gritting his teeth and pointing his finger … Taylor didn’t do anything wrong”, Maci recalled.

The reality star then revealed that they did share the details of the reunion with Bentley, who didn’t let on whether he was concerned about what went down.

“We told him. I asked him, ‘Are you mad about it, are you worried?’ He was like, ‘Not really,'” said Bookout. “I’d say he probably was a little bit, but at the same time I think he knew it was coming. We’re like, ‘If you’re worried about it, let us know.'”

“I’m sorry, but Jen and Larry are grown ass people,” Maci continued, “I don’t give a [censored] if you don’t like me, I don’t care what you say, I don’t care whatever— but when you’re blatantly ignoring my child’s feelings, then I have a problem.”

The reunion episode aired back in April, with Taylor accusing Jen and Larry of guilt tripping Bentley into spending time with his birth father.

“Ryan has never been there for him but y’all put it on Bentley, and y’all make Bentley feel guilty”, Taylor shouted before calling Larry a “sorry son of a bitch”. He also expressed anger at Ryan’s treatment of his wife, and the frustration he felt watching Edwards call Maci an “evil bitch” on camera.

“When you say things … you and Jen … when you all say things like, ‘We can’t have a party without your daddy,’ it’s Bentley’s birthday party, it ain’t Ryan’s birthday party!” Taylor shouted before he stormed off set, “Put the kid first, stop putting that sorry excuse for a human being first!”

Speaking with E! ahead of the new season, Maci said not much has changed between them all in the months since the reunion.

“Right now, we honestly don’t have any real communication or relationship with them,” she said. “As far as Jen and Larry go, I’m not sure if that will change or will not change. I just know how I feel. I don’t want it to be forced.”

“I don’t want to force everyone to just move on and get over it. I think if it works out and everyone feels okay and right about mending the relationship, then I’m all for that,” she added. “I just don’t want it to be something that is forced or unnatural because I just don’t think you build solid relationships or mend solid relationships if it’s not genuine. We’ll see.”

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