Erika Jayne Cries, Blows Up on RHOBH Costars During Dinner Party from Hell: ‘Why Are You Torturing Me?’

Nobody was safe from Erika’s wrath as she reached her breaking point with the cast — snapping at Sutton while telling her, “Shut the f— up. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was dubbed “The Dinner Party from Hell: Part Two” — and, man, did it deliver on that title.

The original “Dinner Party from Hell” aired way back in 2010 on the franchise’s first season. It went down as history as one of the most explosive dinners for the Beverly Hills ladies, as a psychic recruited by Camille Grammer blew up the show, claiming Kyle Richards’ husband would “never emotionally fulfill” while dragging on an E-cigarette. It was an iconic episode, so to see it name-checked again for Wednesday’s new hour meant viewers were in store for something major — and Bravo did not disappoint.

The episode began with Kyle and Sutton Stracke talking about Erika’s outburst at Lisa Rinna’s luncheon, which Sutton said made her realize Erika is “not as fragile” as she thought. “You can’t call me Miss Small Town, now you’ve made me angry,” said Sutton, who vowed to have a “hardcore conversation” with Erika the next time they saw each other and let her know she wasn’t “buying” everything she was selling about Tom Girardi, his car accident and the lawsuits.

In a confessional, she said she felt like Erika was lying about his injuries because she thinks “it’s part of Tom’s defense.” Sutton added, “Erika is acting like she’s totally innocent — emphasis on the word acting — but Erika made a deal with the devil and the devil always comes knocking.”

She left Kyle’s saying the whole situation looked “fishy” to her.

Meanwhile, Erika had her own little meeting with Crystal Kung-Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais and Kathy Hilton, where Jayne said the recent Sutton incident was “so disappointing.” The women — besides Garcelle — then shaded Stracke by saying none of them had heard of her before the show, wondering how being associated with Erika would hurt her reputation. “She should be lucky people know who the f— you are,” said Jayne.

Everything came to a head when the whole cast met up at Kathy’s for what was supposed to be a fancy dinner party. As they took their seats, however, Sutton asked Erika if they could have a little “chit chat” about what happened at Rinna’s luncheon. “I wanna make sure that you’re okay,” said Sutton, who got no love in return.

“What are you trying to do? I don’t need to clear the air with you, you’ve made your position very clear. I don’t need to hear it, I’ve heard it from everyone else,” Erika snapped back. “I have enough problems. I only have enough capacity for the things that really matter and your opinion of me does not matter.”

With that, Erika walked away to use the restroom, leaving Sutton in shock. Of course, the two were seated next to each other, so there was no real avoiding confrontation once Erika returned to her chair. Rinna then started to stir the pot by grabbing the dinner bell and telling everyone they could ring the bell “if you have anything that you want to work out or deal with” … before giving it directly to Sutton.

“I just tried to have this conversation with Erika and I don’t want to upset her,” Sutton began, before Erika cut her off, saying she wasn’t upset and simply felt Stracke’s opinion “does not matter” to her. When Sutton said she had the bell and was speaking, Erika shot back, “I don’t give a f— what you have.”

“You have to stop speaking to me like that. You do,” Sutton replied — before Erika once again told her to “stop talking about my life” because it didn’t “impact” her in any way. That sentiment would get repeated ad nauseam throughout the meal as the group started to go at it.

After Sutton called Erika’s “Miss Small Town” comments “derogatory,” she admitted she thought the lawsuits involving Erika would have a negative affect on her personal life — but, ultimately, they didn’t.

“You didn’t have to go out and get panicked about something that doesn’t affect you,” Erika told her. “My life, what I’m going through, does not affect you in any single drop of your life.”

Dorit Kemsley then chimed in, saying she didn’t agree with Erika’s statement at all. She reminded them all, that “every time an article is written” about the legal drama, the other housewives are “dragged into it” as well. In a confessional, Dorit added that she felt it was fair to voice concerns to get “a little reassurance” out of Erika all would be alright.

“There’s gonna be a day when all of this is behind me and it’s going to be a very sweet day and I’m going to remember those who were with me and I’m going to remember those who were against me,” she told them all. “Trust me. Just trust me on that.”

Though Crystal agreed Erika’s legal issues shouldn’t affect the rest of them, Garcelle wondered out loud whether it was “human nature” to be concerned about personal blowback. Erika wasn’t having it, but Beauvais continued, saying it’s only human to think, “Could I be implicated in this?” Sensing hostility from Jayne, who was crying at this point, Garcelle then tried to wipe one of her tears away — before Erika instantly recoiled.

“I am going to support you to the bitter end, I will do anything you need, anything. But, holy s—, when you’re reading about victims and orphans, that’s very hard to digest,” Dorit continued. “I think you feel exactly like we all feel,” she continued, with Erika countering, “No, I feel a lot worse than you do.” She then turned her attention to the group and asked, “Why are you torturing me? All of you.”

“No one’s torturing you, everyone’s trying to be there for you,” Dorit replied, before Erika dramatically shot back, “This doesn’t feel like being there for me. Look at me, Dorit, look at me. Come on. Look at my f—ing life.”

“Why are you still talking? Why are you all doing this to me?” Erika then asked again. “I’m looking at all of you. What are you doing?! Seriously! Every time I come to one of these events, the s— gets kicked out of me. For something I didn’t even f—ing do. Dorit, if you would like to trade places me, let me know. Why don’t you have some compassion for where I am right now.”

Kyle then called out Sutton for not straight up telling Erika what her issue was to her face, especially in regards to questions about Tom’s accident and other areas where she felt Erika wasn’t being truthful.

“She’s not being honest is what I’m saying and she’s saying it when you’re not there. I’m sorry, Sutton,” said Kyle, calling out her costar. “You’re not being honest and you’re putting us in a bad position. You’re looking two-faced.”

“At Kyle’s dinner, I did bring up very hard questions to you, I asked them to you at that dinner. I don’t think you’re a liar,” Sutton replied. “I said this to you, did your attorney concoct this. I will say I have softened on all of these points of view that I had.”

“Sutton!” Kyle exclaimed. “You said, ‘Next time I see Erika I’m gonna be honest with her, be straight up, I think she’s lied, I don’t think she’s been honest.'” That made Erika perk up, asking, “About what?”

While they all pleaded with Sutton to “just be honest,” Garcelle noted in a confessional that Dorit had similar concerns but wasn’t being totally transparent about it either. “You said she lied about the accident,” Kyle then shared.

“I’m not a liar!” Erika adamantly declared, before Sutton admitted she couldn’t “trust that 100% of what” they’ve been told “is the truth.”

“What the f— do you think I’m doing? What are you doing right now? You’re trying to accuse me of lying and I’m not a liar,” Erika, looking more angry and emotional than ever, said to her costar. “Do you know something about my life that I don’t? If you do, speak up. I’m very interested to know. Look at me, I’ll go head on with you all f—ing day. I’m telling the truth. I am not a liar. You have a lot of f—ing nerve.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, seriously,” Sutton told her — getting a nasty, “Or what? Or what?!” right back from Erika. When Sutton said, “Or nothing,” Erika snapped again, telling her, “Right, exactly, shut the f— up. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Nothing.”

The episode ended with a “To be continued” and absolutely nothing resolved between any of them.  “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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