WW3 fears as Russia warns US not to deploy hypersonic nuke missiles in Europe or it could spark conflict

RUSSIA has warned US plans to deploy hypersonic nuke missiles in Europe could spark a new world war.

The Russian Embassy in the US warned of “inadvertent conflict” if they US pushed ahead with the deployment of the deadly rockets in Europe.

Russia claims it successfully trialled the fastest hypersonic missile in the world6

Russia claims it successfully trialled the fastest hypersonic missile in the worldCredit: East2West
Recent wargames in Europe are causing tensions to rise in the region6

Recent wargames in Europe are causing tensions to rise in the regionCredit: East2West
Russian despot Vladimir Putin has been accused of greenlighting 'destabilizing activates' in Europe6

Russian despot Vladimir Putin has been accused of greenlighting ‘destabilizing activates’ in EuropeCredit: AP

“We would like to remind @PentagonPressSec that potential deployment of any [American flag] hypersonic [missile] in Europe would be extremely destabilizing,” a tweet from the Embassy’s official Twitter account read.

“Their short flight time would leave [Russian flag] little to no decision time and raise the likelihood of inadvertent conflict.”

Washington says it’s just checking Russia‘s “destabilizing activities” in the region, which has included a British destroyer coming under fire from Russian fighter jets in the Black Sea and the allegedly successful testing of the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile.

“It’s important to note that Russia’s new hypersonic missiles are potentially destabilizing and pose significant risks because they are nuclear-capable systems,” Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby shot back.

Kirby said the US was working “closely with allies and partners, including NATO, to try to check those destabilizing activities”.


The deadly Zircon – or Tsirkon was unleashed at a speed of Mach 7 at a land target from the frigate Admiral Gorshkov in the White Sea off the northwest coast of Russia on Sunday.

The target more than 220 miles away was hit in the Zircon’s first state trial and the missile’s “tactical and technical characteristics were confirmed”, reported state-owned RIA Novosti and Defence Ministry TV channel Zvezda.

No further details were immediately given of the White Sea trial.

Last week it was revealed Russia was set to begin final tests of the hypersonic missile.

The Zircon has been identified by Moscow’s state-controlled TV as Putin’s weapon of choice to wipe out coastal American cities in the event of a nuclear conflict. 

The Kremlin leader has called the Mach 8-capable Zircon “truly unparalleled in the world”, and the Russians have boasted it is “unstoppable” by Western defences.

A key use of the missile is taking out enemy ships and reports suggested its maximum range is between 188 and 620 miles. 

It is one of a number of hypersonic missiles Russia is developing including the 188-tonne Sarmat – known in the West as Satan-2 and the biggest beast in Russia’s nuclear arsenal, due for tests in the autumn, and to go into service next year.

Russia's 'unparalled' cruise missile cannot be picked up by US anti-missile systems
Russia’s ‘unparalled’ cruise missile cannot be picked up by US anti-missile systems


Washington has tried to reduce their number of nukes but says foreign powers have moved in the opposite direction.

According to a bombshell Pentagon report, “no potential adversary has reduced either the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy of the number of nuclear weapons it fields”.

The report warns of potential regional conflicts involving nukes in several parts of the world.

Russia’s strategic nuclear modernization has greatly increased, meaning Moscow can expand its warhead numbers, according to the report.

Beijing is reportedly considering whether to develop autonomous nuclear weapons systems, the New York Post reports.

Ambassador Robert Wood told reporters earlier this month that “If they were to develop, these kinds of weapons and aerial systems, this has the potential to change the strategic stability environment in a dynamic way.”

North Korean officials have fast-tracked testing of missiles capable of reaching American shores while Iran reportedly has the technology and capacity to create a nuclear weapon within a year, MailOnline reports.

Pyongyang reportedly poses the “most immediate and dire proliferation threat” to the international order, according to the defense report.

Officials are also concerned about Iran’s “aggressive strategy,” which could destabilize relations in the Middle East, and experts are suspicious about Tehran’s commitment to reducing their nuclear arsenal.

The report recommended: “Flexible and limited US nuclear response options can play an important role in restoring deterrence following limited adversary nuclear escalation.”

And Washington’s nuclear program must only be used in “extreme circumstances” and government officials must communicate in ways that are understood by rogue powers.

Washington said it's only checking Russia's aggressive tactics6

Washington said it’s only checking Russia’s aggressive tacticsCredit: Reuters
The world is moving closer to nuclear war
The world is moving closer to nuclear war

The publication of the report comes as the US and Russia extended the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for five years.

Moscow and Washington withdrew from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 2019.

The pact mandated the US and Soviet Union to eliminate nuclear missiles that had ranges of 500-5,500km.

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