What are the types of ration card, what is its purpose and benefits

Ration Card 2021

Ration card is prepared for all the Indians, but the state government passes on every benefit received under the ration card to the ration card holders. Ration card is a document which is provided by the government to the individual. It is a government-verified document. Whenever grain, rice, kerosene or sugar is made available in the depot holders by the state governments, ration card holders can buy all these items at affordable prices from those depot holders.

The meaning of the ration card is that such a document, by showing which the state government can buy the goods supplied by the state government at cheap prices in the shops. Ration card is not only necessary to buy food items, but this document is required to apply under any kind of scheme. Under this document, a person can prove himself to be a local resident because every state has allowed the people living in his state to make ration cards and according to the rules set by the state according to their rules. From here only a person can apply for ration card and can get ration card.

Purpose of ration card 2021

The purpose of the ration card is clear that food items can be made available at low prices to those people who cannot buy more expensive things. The ration card is fixed by the department to some shops in all the states, where cheap food grains, cheap oil and sugar are provided by the government. By visiting here, any ration card holder can buy food items at very low cost. Ration card was started in the country so that they could buy food items and they did not face any kind of problem.

Apart from this, the ration card is included in the identity card of the native of the state, that is, if a person wants to prove that he is a native of the state, then he can also show his ration card as a resident identity card and in any application. You can upload it in the letter.

Benefits of ration card 2021

Stores shipped

Through the public distribution system, food items are delivered to those shops in the states, where food items can be purchased at affordable prices by showing ration cards. Ration card holders can buy goods from these shops. The purpose of Public Distribution System is to distribute food items to the public and the responsibility of this is given to a few selected shopkeepers. That shopkeeper sells food items at a cheaper price to the ration card holder person at his shop.

Domicile identity card

Ration card is used as a domicile identity card because a person living in every state is provided a ration card by that state and it ensures that in which state this person lives and uses this ration card. A person can prove that he is a domicile of the state.

Ration card application requirement 2021

Whether it is for any type of application, whether it is for any scheme or any work, filling the registration form in any company, ration card can be used everywhere. Ration card can be used wherever it is time to upload the original resident identity card.

Ration card benefits to BPL card holders

A special type of ration card is provided to those people who are living below the poverty line. With the help of that ration card, BPL card holders are provided with food items at a much lower cost than the common people.

Ration card benefits to APL card holders

Those people who belong to the lower class or belong to the middle class, those people are also benefited by the ration card. But the material available to those people is slightly less than that of BPL card holders. Those people get food items only when a special package has been prescribed by the government, otherwise APL people can use the ration card only as a domicile identity card.

Disabled widow women benefit of ration card

Disabled persons and widow women, who are the only support of the family, are given special benefits through ration card like BPL card holders.

Types of ration card

  • Above poverty line Ration Card (APL)
  • Below poverty line Ration Card (BPL)
  • Antyodaya Ration Card (AAY)
  • White Ration Card

Above Poverty Line (APL) Card

  • APL ration card was prescribed before the National Food Security Act came. According to the APL card, according to the ration card, the APL ration card is received by those people who belong to the lower class or belong to the middle class. APL ration card is provided to those people.
  • Every time food items are not available to the APL ration card holders at a low price, but when the government prepares a special package, food items are provided to the APL ration card holders under the same.
  • APL ration card is of orange color but every state decides the color of ration card according to its own.
  • APL ration card holders are provided 15 kg of food items and the material also depends on the availability. If the material is more then the APL ration card holders get it, but if the availability of the material is very less then the APL ration card holders do not get its benefit.

Below Poverty Line (BPL) Card

  • BPL ration card is available to those people who are living below the poverty line. APL card holders are provided with food grains, paddy, oil, kerosene oil or sugar at very low cost.
  • Efforts are made in each state to provide special benefits to the BPL card holders so that they do not face any kind of obstruction in the availability of food items.
  • 25 to 35 kg of food items to BPL card holders are sold by the shopkeepers at very low prices.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana Ration Card

Antodaya means the rise of the last person i.e. persons who are living below poverty line and who have no fixed income. That is, Antyodaya ration card is provided to such persons who are poorer than the poor or the poorest of the poor.

Antyodaya ration card is provided to senior citizens, widowed women, a person who is completely dependent on the society or a family whose head is a widow woman and a disabled person.

Under this ration card, 35 kg of food items are provided.

white or honorary color ration card

  • Any person can get a white ration card, this ration card is used as a native identity card.
  • No food items can be purchased under the ration card.
  • It is only used for residence proof.
  • Any person who belongs to the upper class, is provided only white ration card.

Color of ration card

  • BPL card holders get red, blue, light green, yellow BPL ration card.
  • APL card holders get white colored ration card.
  • Antyodaya ration card holders get the dark green color ration card.

But no specific information is given about the availability of ration cards according to the colors because different criteria have been set in every state, according to which ration cards of different colors are made available. Therefore, the color of the ration card is determined according to the prescribed rules of the state under which the ration card is applied.

Eligibility for Ration Card 2021 Application

  • Any person who is permanently residing in India can apply for a ration card.
  • Every member of the family can apply for ration card.
  • If any member of the family is below 18 years of age, then his ration card will be attached with the ration card of the parents of the parents, after completion of 18 years, he can get his own ration card made separately.
  • One nation one ration card This means that a person can apply for only one ration card.
  • The same person cannot get two-two or three-three ration cards. The reason for providing only one ration card is that everyone will get the benefit of it in one go.
  • The state in which the person lives will get the ration card under the same state, he cannot get the ration card from any other state.
  • Food items are provided to the ration card holders only under the National Food Security Act, so whatever rules have been made under the National Food Security Act, food items will be available according to the same rules.

Therefore, no ration card holder can get food items of his own free will.

Ration Card Required Documents 2021

Antoday Ration Card

  • Ration card is provided to widow, disabled person, dependent on society, old age person, unemployed or daily wage worker. A person belonging to every category cannot apply for Antyodaya Ration Card.
  • While applying for Antoday Ration Card, the person will have to provide such documents, so that he can prove his helplessness, only then Antoday Ration Card will be given to him.
  • Only such person can apply under Antoday Ration Card whose annual income is not fixed.
  • Only a person earning ₹ 250 per month or less can apply for Antoday ration card.

APL ration card white ration card

  • No income limit has been fixed for a person to apply for a ration card.
  • A person belonging to any category who is living above poverty line can apply for APL ration card.

BPL ration card

  • BPL ration card can be applied only by the person living below the poverty line and only his family members can apply.
  • Only those families whose annual income is less than ₹ 27,000 can apply for BPL ration card.

Other documents

  • While applying for each type of ration card, some more documents also have to be submitted, whose information is as follows.
  • ID proof such as an attested postcard
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID, Passport, Health Card etc.
  • Driving license
  • If a widow woman is applying, then the death certificate of her husband by her
    marriage certificate
  • Annual income information
  • Mobile number
  • E mail ID
  • 3 passport size photos
  • LPG gas connection
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