If Aadhar application card application is canceled

You will be surprised to know that one in 10 people who apply for Aadhaar get their form rejected. There can be many reasons for the form being rejected. What if your form is rejected? You will not know for sure the answer.

You must have never thought that the form can also be rejected. So nothing would have been prepared. There is no need to worry too much at the moment. This can happen to anyone. So do two things. First of all, do not panic and do not run around unnecessarily. You can easily reapply for Aadhaar. There is also a way for this, which we will tell you later. First let us know what are the reasons for the rejection of the form.

There are four reasons for the cancellation of Aadhaar application. There are four reasons

Before issuance of Aadhar card , the proof of identity, address and date of birth submitted by you along with biometric marks are closely scrutinized. The investigation takes place with such depth that you cannot even imagine. It may take three months for the Aadhaar card to be ready just because of the verification.

Forms can be rejected for three reasons. The first is that there has been a mistake in the form. The second is that there has been a discrepancy in the fingerprints and retinal scanning and the third is that there is a mismatch between the information given in the certificates and the form. Fourth is that your form and the documents attached with it may not be received by UIDAI.

Information is given at home address

If your form is rejected, UIDAI will inform you through speed post. A letter will be sent to the address provided by you in the form. It will mention why your form has been rejected. If the form is not delivered then you will not even get the locker letter. So what will you do? Tell me – tell me.

If you have got its photo state done before submitting the form, then you will understand where the mistake has happened. You are responsible for two reasons due to the rejection of the form, then the reason for two can be the representative of UIDAI. If he has not taken the biometric marks correctly, then there may be a problem.

Will have to apply again. Application to be done again

Once the form is rejected, you will have to repeat the whole process again. You will not get a chance to repair the old application again. Because after the form is rejected, it is directly thrown in the dustbin. First of all, you go to the UIDAI website and download the Aadhar form.

Now fill the form carefully so that there is no mistake again. You can choose either Hindi or English language. The special thing is that if you fill the form in English, then write its letters in capital. You can also take the idea of ​​filling the form from the internet. You can also find the trick to fill the form on youtube. If you still do not understand something, then go to your nearest Enrollment Center or Public Suvidha Kendra. There your UIDAI representative will assist you in filling the form.

Correct the certificate Only real document attach

Make sure that the certificates you have attached are correct. We do not want to say that you are using fake certificates. What we mean to say is that there should be no difference between the information given in the certificate and in the form. It may happen that there is a mistake in the certificate you are applying for address, identity or date of birth.

For example, father’s full name has been written in your certificate and you have used short name in Aadhaar form. If you do this again, there will be a possibility of the form being rejected. You should attach such documents which support the information given in the form.

If the address has changed, please correct it. If address has changed, then correct it

Most of the people’s forms get rejected because they are not available at the address they have entered in the form. What happens with most people is that their temporary address keeps on changing.

They don’t fix it in the certificate. They go to live elsewhere and fill in the wrong address in the form. Because of this their form gets rejected. If your address has changed, get the document corrected which you are submitting as proof of address.

Biometric marks will be taken again. Biometric traces will be taken again

After re-submitting the form, you will again be photographed from the webcam and biometric marks will also be taken. Make sure that the UIDAI representative takes all your 10 fingerprints. If he omitted even a single finger, it could lead to the rejection of the form.

The retinas in both of your eyes will be scanned again. If fingerprints are not coming properly, then you wash it with clean water and rub it with a cloth. Keep in mind that if there is any greasiness on the fingers, the marks will not come properly and your form may be rejected once more.

Get the form checked Form check properly

When you visit the enrollment center, re-submit your form to the UIDAI representative. Ask him to check it and tell if there is any mistake in it. If the representative delays or does not cooperate, you can also complain to the Higher Authority through SMS on the website. It is the responsibility of the representative to help you fill the form correctly. If any mistake is made while filling the form, then do not tamper with it at all. Take a fresh form again and fill it again carefully.

Don’t forget to take the slip. Do not miss receiving slip

When you submit the form again, don’t forget to receive it. Until the Aadhar card is in your hand, this slip will be of great use to you. This slip contains the date, time of form submission and your photograph. You will be able to check the Aadhar card status on the UIDAI website through the enrollment number given on this slip. Do not let go of this slip until the message of Aadhaar number arrives on your mobile. This slip will also help you to print your duplicate Aadhar card.

Enter these documents. Attach these documents

Although you have been told many times what documents can be used for Aadhar card but you may have forgotten. For your convenience, we once again put all the information in front of you. Now read a little carefully.

Documents required for proof of identity. These documents for Required Id

  • Passport
  • Ration Card or Photo PDS Card
  • pan card
  • driving license
  • Voter ID Card
  • MNREGA job card
  • government photo identity card
  • Public Sector Unit Photo Identity Card
  • arms license
  • Identity card of a recognized educational institution
  • photo bank atm card
  • photo credit card
  • farmer photo passbook
  • pensioner photo card
  • freedom fighter identity card
  • ECHS and CGHS photo card
  • Identity Card issued by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar
  • photo identity card issued by postal department
  • Disability identity card or certificate

Required documents for address proof

  • bank statement or passbook
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • post office passbook or statement
  • Voter ID Card
  • Goverment ID
  • PSU photo identity card
  • driving license
  • water bill and receipt
  • Electricity bill and receipt
  • House tax bill and receipt
  • Landline telephone bill and receipt
  • Credit card statement for three months
  • Address certified by bank
  • insurance policy
  • Identity card issued by recognized educational institution
  • Certificate of Address attested by Registered Company
  • arms license
  • MNREGA job card
  • pensioner card
  • Kisan Passbook
  • freedom fighter identity card
  • income tax assessment order
  • ECHS and CGHS cards
  • Address proof issued by Gram Panchayat Department
  • Address proof issued by MP, MLA or Tehsildar
  • vehicle registration paper
  • Registered lease, sale and rent agreement
  • caste certificate
  • Address proof issued by the Department of Posts
  • gas connection passbook
  • Disability identity card or certificate
  • Parent’s passport for minor children
  • marriage certificate

Apply this paper for the date of birth certificate. For date of birth proof attach this documents

  • SSLC certificate or book
  • Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or local body
  • Passport
  • pan card
  • Certificate of date of birth issued by first class gazetted officer
  • Certificate of academic board or university
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