John McAfee dead latest – Antivirus software guru dies ‘by suicide’ as old Instagram & Twitter posts raise speculation


Weeks before his death he tweeted about being asked by a man “facing a difficult situation” about “painless ways” to kill himself.

He added: “The amazing thing is that the tone of the discussion was like discussing the weather”.

But perhaps one of the most out there theories on his death being dredged up by fans is the antivirus boss’s apparent fascination with “quantum suicide”.

“Quantum suicide” is a theoretical thought experiment which is based on the idea there are an infinite amount of parallel universes.

The mind bending theory goes that every decision creates a different universe, according to the basis of quantum mechanics.

So the outlandish conceptual experiment claims if this is all true – you should be able to stand in front of loaded gun and survive.

This is because your consciousness only continues in the parallel universe in which you survive – thus proving we have “quantum immortality”.

Quantum suicide however is only an abstract thought experiment – and would not work in the real world – and it used mainly as a concept to help distinguish between different theories of quantum mechanics.

McAfee however appears to have been intrigued by the idea.

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