#FixTheCountry: Ghanaians angry as wooden bridge collapse causes woman’s death

It shows the community members attempting to cross floodwater to the other side when the obviously weak wooden structure serving as a bridge caved in, leading to the drowning of the 50-year-old woman identified as Akosua Dufie on Thursday.

Her lifeless body was discovered the next day by National Disaster Management Organisation officials.

In the video, a certain bystander is heard advising that the people should cross the ‘bridge’ one after the other because doing so in a group might put too much weight on it and cause its collapse.

Interestingly, no sooner did he end his warning than the so-called bridge collapsed.

Both bystanders and the people on the wooden structure at the time of its collapse could be heard screaming helplessly.

Unfortunately, the woman could not escape before the bridge submerged.

The incident follows a heavy downpour on Thursday which left parts of the Ashanti regional capital flooded.

FixTheCountry convener KALYJAY whose Twitter handle is @gyaigyimii posted the disturbing video on his page and expressed anger at the inaction of the country’s leaders whose negligence he claimed has caused the death of the innocent woman.

“If you ever have anything against this fix the country agenda Watch this!! If you can prevent this and you don’t there is blood on your hands,” KALYJAY captioned the video.

He added: “This be the things I see then i vex. Then someone will come and say FixTheCountry be political. Aswear say building a bridge for this area no go cost more than 30,000 but they won’t do. Make somebody die make dem come make promises. Joke of a country

“This problem won’t be solved if people are ranting you will have idiots defending such stupidity. I really tire this country. Which MP will cross this before going home to sleep? You squad for reason.”

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