“Somebody stole my iPad” – Cyril Ramaphosa cries on live TV, couldn’t deliver speech

He is also heard blaming himself for always depending on people to carry his gadgets, a practice that landed him in an unpleasant experience at the public even which was live on TV.

Reports say Ramaphosa was in the Port of Cape Town for an event on Tuesday, June 22 and was supposed to speak but could not find the iPad which contained the written speech.

Acting presidency spokesperson, Tyrone Seale had introduced him and he approached the microphone on the podium to deliver the speech but was left in an obvious state of confusion restlessness.

He is heard pleading with whoever took his iPad to return it, while some men believed to be the President’s aides are seen going round to look for the missing gadget.

The embarrassing incident led to a delay in Ramaphosa’s speech delivery as he was asked to resume his seat while they made efforts to retrieve the iPad.

“I am looking for my iPad. Somebody stole my iPad.

“This is the problem of always handing out your gadgets to other people.

“I had my iPad, I had it in my hand. It’s gone. I’ve lost it, it seems,” Ramaphosa lamented while standing on the podium to deliver his speech.

The video does not reveal whether the missing iPad was eventually found and at where.

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