Gun license is made in just 10 rupees, the process of getting it made is very easy

Many people need a gun for their special protection. Today we are going to tell you the process of getting its license.

New Delhi: The question that arises in the minds of many people is how a gun license is made. Today we are going to tell you how you can get a gun license by adopting a very easy process.

What are the things needed to get a license?

  • The process of getting a gun license is very easy, but you will need many documents to get it done.
  • Before knowing about the license of the gun, it is most important to know that you can use the gun only for your self-defense.
  • If you misuse a gun, you can also be legally punished for it.

What is the eligibility for gun license

  • Any needy citizen of the country can apply for a gun, but he has to prove in his application that why he needs a gun.
  • After this the administration will decide whether you should be allowed to buy a gun or not.

What is the process of getting license

  • To get a gun license, you first have to submit an application form. First of all you have to submit your application form to DCP (Licensing) office. In many cities you have to submit your application form to the SDM.
  • If your police comes under the commissionerate, then your application will be sent to the commissioner’s office.
  • The DM of your area sends your application to the SP office. From here this application form goes to the applicant’s police station.
  • The report is issued after investigation from the police station. After this this application form is given to the license officer. But in many situations, many applications are rejected because the applicant’s argument is not found to be correct.

How much does it cost to get a license

  • The fee for getting a gun license depends on the type of gun you want to get a license for.
  • The fee charged for getting a license starts from Rs 10 and the license fee can be charged from Rs 10 to Rs 300 from the applicant.
  • You can see the license fee in the rate list given below. For example, if you want to buy a rifle gun, then you have to pay only Rs 60 as a fee to get its license.

How many guns can one person buy?

  • A person can buy a maximum of three guns in India. The government issues a maximum of three gun licenses to a person.
  • Apart from this, only three types of guns have been allowed to be bought in India. These include shortguns, handguns and sporting guns.
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