Shocking Video: How guns are smuggled into Ghana so easily from Turkey

Ghanaian man based in Turkey has exposed how criminals are importing guns into Ghana to run their criminal ventures.

According to him, what these criminals and their men out of the country do is they parcel then guns in other products just so they are hidden from the sight of inspectors of their packages.

He said after this is done, the parcel is added to a larger quantity of other goods which are all boxed together and put in one container.

The Ghanaian based in Turkey say it’s a worrying trend that he never discovered until his container was seized for having guns in them.

He called on Ghana’s Embassy in Turkey to work on ensuring that those Ghanaians involved in dealings with arms so they are deported into the country.

This comes at a time that the insecurity in Ghana is at an alarming level. On Monday a young Police officer Emmanuel Osei was shot dead by armed robbers at James Town in Accra when they robbed a bullion van.

A woman was also killed by stray bullets which were been shot at a worker of the bank who bolted and was given a wild chase by the armed robbers.

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