Aiden Leos ‘killer’ Marcus Eriz ‘CONFESSES to blasting at car killing boy, 6, before shaving beard to avoid cops’

A MAN suspected of killing Aiden Leos admitted to shooting at the car the youngster was traveling in before shaving his beard to “avoid officers”, according to prosecutors.

The six-year-old was killed on May 21 when his mom gave Marcus Eriz, 24, the middle finger on a California highway.

Marcus Eriz is suspected of killing six-year-old Aiden Leos5

Marcus Eriz is suspected of killing six-year-old Aiden LeosCredit: Reuters
Leos was shot dead last month while traveling in his mom's car5

Leos was shot dead last month while traveling in his mom’s carCredit: FOX 11

He told cops that he grabbed a loaded gun and shot at the vehicle, US Today reports.

He then hid the vehicle in a relative’s garage and shaved his beard in a bid to “avoid officers”, cops said.

Eriz told officers that he started using a red truck and prosecutors branded the 24-year-old an “extreme danger”.

The suspect and his girlfriend Wynne Lee, 23, were arrested earlier this month in Costa Mesa.

Eriz was charged with murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle and has been held on a $2million bail.

Meanwhile, Lee faces the accessory charge and a charge of illegally carrying a concealed firearm and is being held on $500,000 bail. The pair are scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

Prosecutors branded Eriz an "extreme danger"5

Prosecutors branded Eriz an “extreme danger”Credit: Instagram/Marcus Eriz

Prosecutors alleged that the suspect brandished a gun at another driver in a separate incident – just days after Aiden was killed.

Aiden was fatally shot while riding in the back seat of his mother’s car last month after she reportedly angered another driver who cut her off on a highway in Orange, California

The tragic incident unfolded on 55 freeway near Chapman at around 8am on May 21 as Aiden’s mother was taking him to kindergarten in her Chevrolet Sonic.

She gave the finger to a driver in her review mirror, but as she switched lanes, a male gunman believed to have been sitting in the passenger’s seat of a car driven by a woman, suddenly fired into her vehicle.

The gunshot struck Aiden in the back5

The gunshot struck Aiden in the backCredit: Gofundme
Aiden's mom said the joy the six-year-old brought into their lives was 'insurmountable'5

Aiden’s mom said the joy the six-year-old brought into their lives was ‘insurmountable’Credit: AP

The single gunshot struck little Aiden in the back.

His mother pulled over to the side of the road and cradled him in her arms until an off-duty police officer raced over to administer CPR.

He was taken by ambulance to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County where he was pronounced dead. 

Aiden’s heartbreaking final words were said to be “Mommy, my tummy hurts.”

A hunt had been underway for the suspects and their vehicle which was described as a 2018-2019 white Volkswagen Golf SportsWagen with non-tinted windows and a sunroof. 

Aiden’s funeral was held earlier this month as family members paid moving tributes.

His mom Joanna Coonan said: “Your kindness, your prayers, your support and unbelievable generosity has helped provide me with so much strength, so I may stand on my own two feet today, in front of you, and share the beauty of who Aiden was and still is.

“The joy he brought into our lives was insurmountable. My heart melted every time he laughed.”

Marcus Anthony Eriz charged with murder of boy, 6, and partner Wynne Lee accused of aiding ‘killer’

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