Subsidy on Solar Pump: Farmers will get solar pump at 75% subsidy

The farmers who have previously applied for Solar Water Pumping System will get 3 HP by the New and Renewable Energy Department of Haryana Government. to 10 hp It has been decided to provide 75% subsidy (75% Subsidy on Solar Power Pump) on solar power pump up to Rs .

75% Subsidy on Solar Pump 

According to media reports, ADC Jagnivas said that the 3 HP, 5 HP, 7.5 HP and 10 HP solar pumps will be given at 75% subsidy by the New and Renewable Energy Department.

However, these solar pumps will be given only to those farmers who irrigate under micro-irrigation such as drip irrigation / sprinkler irrigation scheme and irrigate their fields by pressing ground pipelines and who have previously installed this system. Online application has been made to receive.

Who will get subsidy on Solar Pump?

Farmers who have been given solar pumps on subsidy earlier are not eligible under this scheme, whereas only one solar pump will be given to a farmer. It is worth mentioning that the selected farmers will be provided with solar power pump within 4 months from the date of issue of work order to the company. However, to take advantage of the said scheme, the beneficiary will have to deposit 25% of the amount.

Apart from this, ADC Jagnivas has said that the farmers who have applied earlier for getting subsidy on solar pump and want to install solar water pumping system, then demand draft of beneficiary share ADC cum CPO. The ID can be made in the name of Jhajjar and submitted to the office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, because any demand draft submitted by the farmers after June 24 will not be accepted.

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