Is David Dobrik returning to Youtube to vlog?

DAVID Dobrik fans are well aware the YouTube star has been absent from vlogging since April 2021.

It came after he faced major backlash from former Vlog Squad members – but is he now back?

David Dobrik is a famous YouTube star3

David Dobrik is a famous YouTube starCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Is David Dobrik returning to Youtube to vlog?

David Dobrik has officially returned to vlogging on YouTube.

It follows months of controversies and scandals that saw him lose thousands of followers and brand deals.

He has been radio silent since April 2021 but the YouTuber has officially returned to vlogging.

He uploaded his first video in two months on June 15, 2021, where he stated that he would return to regular uploads every Tuesday.

The Vlogger has returned to YouTube3

The Vlogger has returned to YouTube

The YouTuber wrote in the video’s description: “I missed this so much. Love ya guys.”

His fans were thrilled David begun vlogging again, and the comments were mainly positive.

David also announced that he would be uploading video versions of his VIEWS podcast, which was also halted amidst his controversies.

David went silent on YouTube for two months3

David went silent on YouTube for two monthsCredit: Getty

Why did David Dobrik quit YouTube?

The vlogger ran into backlash in 2021, after several former Vlog Squad members came forward with stories of disrespectful behavior.

There were also claims of people being put into uncomfortable situations for his videos.

Influencer Jeff Wittek alleged that he’d nearly died for one of David’s videos, where he was swung at high speeds from an excavator – although he stated he had no plans to take action against his friend.

David apologized if anyone had felt uncomfortable and said “things like that won’t happen again.”

What else do we know about David?

David Dobrik was once YouTube’s favorite vlogger.

Boasting around 20 million subscribers, Dobrik was well-known for his chaotic vlogs with his friend group, the Vlog  Squad.

This often showed them getting into ridiculous hijinks, pulling pranks, and living it up in Los Angeles.

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