Top Sex Positions for when it’s too hot for Skin Contact

We all could agree on a single point – there is no wrong time to have sex with your partner. However, when it comes to the seasons, summers can be the absolute worst. It is not only sticky, but getting close to some other person might seem like an impossible task. However, when intimacy is on the platter, you can find some creative ways to try sex positions that restrict touching to the minimum and yet give you the most earth-shattering orgasms. The Rox pill can help you get in the mood till then!

The Best Sex Positions to Try this Summer Season

While there is a wide range of positions that would give you the best of all worlds, the list mentioned here is made keeping in mind that most of you don’t have access to a private swimming pool to have sex in. So, let’s get right into the subject without further ado:

Doggy Style: We can keep on listing the reason why doggy style is a cult favorite among most couples, but you can agree on one thing – it gives pleasure and satisfaction without much touching. Whether you are going for oral or penetration, going from behind can be the best bet during the summer season. The booster 6000 can give you the much-needed power to go on throughout the night.

Shower Sex: It has to be the second favorite for couples who like to experiment with their sex positions and are looking for a cool place for the same. It is ideal for the times you have come back from a walk or office and are looking forward to a shower to cleanse off the day. Just be careful and don’t slip as you are to keep standing most of the time. A bathtub can be an added amenity for the act.

Masturbation: If touching some other person seems like a task, you can touch yourself in front of them. Does it seem exciting enough for you? Well, the effects of the buffalo 9000 can get you an increased libido, and that is when you should make the most of the situation. Masturbating at the same time while talking about the things you would love to do to your partner can increase intimacy in your relationship and build your communication level.

The 69: If you know about the classic sex positions, the 69 falls on top after missionary and doggy style, for sure. This is the ideal solution for those who don’t want to touch each other and yet, gain pleasure from oral sex. You can lay on your sides to lower your heart rate and body temperature as you suck or lick your partner away to orgasm. The club 69 pill can give you long-lasting erections to enjoy the act without getting tired throughout the night.

The Woman on Top: It is a given that when the man is on top, you are bound to get all sweaty and sticky. However, when the woman is on top, she sits on top of her partner, thereby not touching most of the body. You can get control of the movement by moving your pelvis to suit the rate of thrusts and support your woman riding you at the moment.

Conclusion: Summer sex, as much as you try, would be a lot like sex at any other time of the year if you don’t get experimental. You can try adult novelty products from the Ultima Max website, including the alpha manto ensure you make the most of the situation as much as possible. Check out the Ultima Max website for the entire catalog today.


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