Creating a Sexy Bedroom

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our mood, especially our libido. After a busy day, your bedroom should be your place of peace, tranquility, and hopefully, sexiness. However, have you ever put thought into upping the sexy vibes of your bedroom? Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance your sexual desire, connect with a partner, or just want an amazing space to jerk off in, check out these tips on how to make your space sexier.


Temperature plays a vital role in making a space sexy. Being too cold will not make you not what to take your clothes off in the first place, while being too hot can affect the blood flow to your genitals. You may need to experiment with what temperature works for you, yet most people find it comfortable around 70 degrees C.

Sexy Sheets

Touch is one of the main senses being explored during sexual play and all the surfaces you come into contact with can impact your mood. The first and most important is your bedding. Invest in some soft, comfortable sheets and keep them clean! Crawling into dirty, smelly sheets can be a giant turn off, not matter how luxurious they once were. If you like showering before or after (or maybe during) sex and masturbation, treat yourself to some fancy towels. If you like to use pillows during play to help hit those sweet spots, try a soft angled pillow, like the Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow. Make sure anything your interacting with during sex that could get lube or body fluids on it can be easily cleaned.  

Shine On

Taking care to properly light a room can do a lot for a sexy session. Candlelight and soft ambient light is not only flattering, it sets the mood that something sensual is about to happen. Turn off large over head lights and add a soft light to your nightstand. String lighting, lanterns, and colored bulbs are also great sensual lighting options.


Smells are very strongly attached to memory, so keep this in mind when picking a scent for your sexy boudoir. There are essential oils and scents that are traditionally thought of as aphrodisiacs, like rose, sandalwood, and jasmine, but be sure that these smells work for you. Try them out before you take them into the bedroom by either trying them out in a store, putting a little on your skin or clothing, or by using them in another space beforehand. The scent you choose should be soothing and not overwhelming or distracting.

There are many ways to incorporate smells into a space. Candles can be a great option because they add the sexual element of fire. That said, they aren’t the safest option. Incense, electric oil burners, and oil diffusers are a good alternative. You could even try mixing a few drops of oil into your favorite lotion and massaging it into yourself or your partner(s).

The Power of Color

We have 2 natural responses to color – one biological and a psychological. The color red can cause your blood pressure to increase, your body to heat up, and energy to be generated. Psychologically, we are taught to associate red tones with love, passion, and sex. Yet too much red can be overwhelming, even irritating and angering. Accents of red, like a red pillow, red flowers, or a piece of art above your bed with red tones are a better idea than painting all your walls crimson.


Alive and Well

If you love to have plants and flowers in your space, make sure you’re taking care of them appropriately. Dead plants and sad looking florals can kill the mood of a space. It’s you’re seeking some green but don’t have the time to treat them right, faux pants and florals can create the illusion without the maintenance.


A lock on your door can do wonders for your sense of ease. Knowing nobody can walk in and interrupt your intimate endeavors lowers stress levels and can allow you to focus on your pleasure.

If a lock is not an option in your living space, create a signal or sign that tells others not to enter. A window treatment, like a shade or thick curtain, can also help you feel at ease to be naked in your space without anyone peering in (unless you’re into that!).


Put Your Phone Down

Phones can bring a lot of stress as they connect us to the always busy outside world, calendars of things to do, and lists of people who need our attention. While it can be hard to totally disconnect, putting your phone away prevents it from being a distraction and pulling you out of the moment during sex. As for other electronics like TVs and radios, ensure they are enhancing your experience, not detracting from it. If the TV is on, have it playing a sexy movie or porno. If you enjoy music in your space, create a pleasure playlist of all your favorite jams that get you in the mood.

Keep Your Sexual Tools and Toys Ready

It’s not sexy having to fumble around for your toys, only to find them dirty or with a dead battery. Try to make a habit of cleaning your toys and storing them correctly after every use. Maybe it works for you to keep a toy cleaner in your night stand or maybe you have a night every week where you boil your silicone dildos. Whatever works for your routine. Pay attention to a toy’s battery life indicators and charge them often. If your toy uses disposable batteries, have a few extra replacements on hand.

Don’t forget lube! Have your favourite lube ready to go or invest in different types of lube for different occasions. If want to use your silicone vibrator, have a water based lube like Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked. Maybe you’re feeling an anal session, so opt for Sliquid Sassy. Whatever your pleasure, invest in the appropriate lube(s) and keep them in an easily accessible place.

These are all tips on how to change the elements of your room, but the most important part of making a bedroom truly sexy if how you feel in your room. This is your space to explore, to feel safe, and to feel supported. Follow your intuition on what feels good to you and is able to create all of these positive feelings within your body. 

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