A Handy Checklist for Sex and the Juicy Pills

Sex is as much as about finding the big-O as it is about enjoying the moment. It includes both pleasure and pain, and we are sure that no one would want to go through all that only for orgasms. That is why you must be clear in your mind that while orgasm is a part and parcel of sex, it is not the only goal. Sex incorporates much more than just that, and that is why today, we will explain all that through a checklist, you must always know by heart. But before you go on to the blog, don’t forget to pop in one of those juicy pills, and brace yourself for the magic.

Your Ultimate Sex Checklist

Orgasm is the ultimate goal of sex, yes, but several other things are represented in the entire intercourse package that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are:

  1. Pleasure: Let us take a moment and agree with the fact that there can be nothing better than the feeling of pleasure when you are having sex. Now, people often confuse pleasure with orgasm and think that if any of you have not reached the Big-O, the entire act was not pleasurable. WRONG! Pleasure is the orgasm of your senses and your emotions all at once. You can feel pleasure from the touch of your partner on your bare skin, and even when they whisper in your ears. During the act, it takes a new level, and in the shared arousal, orgasms are an added effect.
  2. Intimacy: Often people think that sex is all about the physical closeness of two people, and tend to miss the intimate part altogether. Well, yes, among millennials or Gen Z, sex has taken a turn to be just for physical pleasure, but the effect of intimacy cannot be undermined at all. During intercourse, several people have reported feeling heightened levels of fondness and attraction towards their partners, and all this can only be credited to the intimacy between them both. You would not be able to enjoy the act if you are not intimate with each other.
  3. Relaxation: Several studies have shown the effects of sex on the body, and it has now been proven that sex can promote relaxation of both the body and the brain. Try it out the next time. When you come home tired and then feel the urge to be close to your loved one, sex would be more of a relaxation tendency. The only thing you have to keep in mind here is that you do not want to be thinking only about sleep or feel so tired that you are unable to move your body at all when you are going into the act.
  4. Self-Discovery: Sex is all about being intimate, as mentioned earlier. Now, there can be nothing more significant than feeling one with yourself. That is why sex is all about self-discovery as well. Imagine that time when you felt the bouts of pleasure as you are feeling yourself. This can alternatively affect when you are having sex with your partner as by then you know exactly how that would feel. Self-discovery can bring you and your partner closer than you were, ensuring only the most memorable moments in bed.
  5. Generosity: Talking about self-discovery, you cannot miss the fact that your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction are as vital as your own. That is why sex is all about being generous as well. Focus on how you can return the favor to your partner in bed by making them feel great about themselves and how they made you believe. This is known as generosity in bed. If you ensure that in bed, you will be able to see the feeling is reciprocated to yourself and find the warm sex glow on both of your faces.

Sex is drawing two bodies together, where you feel satisfied with the act and confident about yourself. You can make the most of it by introducing special adult novelties. You can think on the lines of BSDSM, sexy lingerie, surprises, sex toys, and even enhancement capsules like the juicy pills. These would be able to spice up your sexual relation, making you remember the moment for a long time.

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