Guide to Getting Rid of Pre-Sex Jitters with X Platinum Pills

Sex is much more than just the physical attraction that brings a couple closer, and you need to know that before diving straight into it. However, there is no particular rule that you must follow when it comes to having sex. To some, it might be pretty painful, while the others might feel only pleasure through the process. There is also a combination that most people feel where pain and pleasure come hand in hand.

Especially if you are having sex for the first time, it might become overwhelming, and you might end up overthinking it. That is why, today, we have come up with a first timer’s guide to having sex. Having said that, if you want to have some more confidence in yourself, before going straight to action, you can pop one of the x platinum pills immediately after dinner. 

First timer’s Guide to Having Sex

The only reason for an upfront awkwardness regarding sex comes from planning the whole thing beforehand. However, even if it a spur of the moment action, you may feel the same level of awkwardness going on at the back of your mind. So, let’s get rid of all such negative thoughts and focus on the positives. 

  1. Communication: The first step of sex is communicating with your partner. If you do not discuss each other’s wants and desires, it becomes difficult to enjoy the sexual encounter. You need to understand what the other wants out of intercourse and at what pace are they comfortable in, before, during, and after the moment. 
  2. Pain and Bleeding: When you are having sex for the first time, you might be confused at the woman bleeding, and both of you feeling pain. Let us warn you right here- there is nothing to worry about. If it pains either/both of you during the process, it is just your body getting accustomed to the feeling, nothing more. To think of it that way, most women do not bleed at all.
  3. Do not Fake an Orgasm: From the enormous amount of pressure laid on to you, all thanks to numerous videos available on the internet, bestselling books, and blockbuster movies, you might have a strong thought about the time by when you should orgasm. WRONG! Everybody functions differently, and you might not orgasm at all. However, the worst part out here would be if you fake an orgasm to please your partner. Give it time and enjoy the time you spend, the orgasm would come to you itself.
  4. Never Compare: With the unlimited amount of information available on sex from different mediums, it is common for you to compare your experience to someone else’s. If you do it, though, it would be one of the worse parts of your relationship. When you get involved in something like sex with your partner, you need to enjoy your own time. Thinking from a different perspective can give you unrealistic expectations out of the scenario.

Conclusion: Along with these basics, you need to keep in mind that foreplay and consent are the two most important things in having sex. To bring up your confidence level for both the foreplay and intercourse, you can pop in an enhancement pill. As a USA-based reseller, Ultima Max stocks the x platinum pills and more from the makers at reasonable prices. Should you want to know more about the same or buy products discreetly from the website, visit

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