Created To Thrive – By: Priscilla Nyamadi

Nobody owes you anything in life, if you don’t know where you’re going , everywhere becomes somewhere.

Sometimes it is life changing to get a vision for the future

Most people today have and are  satisfied with what we call the ‘Noko fio ‘  syndrome .

‘Noko Fio’ is a Ghanaian word from the Ga language meaning ‘something small’

Yes something small they can actually depend on  for life.

Life without purpose is really a living death. If you have purpose, then you can pursue it with passion.

There are so many important days in one’s life, but one of the most  important day in oneself life is : the day you  find out the reason  why you were born. When  you  find out the reason why you were born it pushes you to pursue your purpose,  the truth is ‘ we were created to thrive ‘

The Bible backs up that in John 10:10 ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the  full”

Yes, to the full, not left  half way.

Don’t let lack of experience or credibility stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Consistency is very difficult when no one is clapping for you but during those times you need to clap for yourself.

We were created to thrive. Challenge yourself,  challenge your mind and keep  pushing.

One thing you should do is  that,  when opportunities do not come your way , go in and search for one yourself and when it presents itself  , don’t be afraid to go after it .

Keep pushing,  you too can !

Set goals,  let these goals motivate you,  let it push you to go the extra mile.

A good winner is the one who knows when to quit. It’s always too soon to quit,  your hard work will pay off

If we observe and reflect and commit ourselves to giving our best,  we will come out on top

#Dreams Not Dreamt At Night#

#It’s always too soon to quit#


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