Napoleon Hill says a goal “is a dream with a deadline”. There are more different views on goals but I choose Napoleon Hill’s definition of goal, because, it is one that has really touched me. A dream with a deadline, wow.

This means that, there must be a specific time frame attached to your dreams. Let’s take this two examples:

1. I want to become a doctor.
2. In the next five years, I want to become an entrepreneur.

What’s the difference here? The first example has no specific time frame attached to his dream, the second example, in the next five years. What am I trying to say? When setting goals, attach a time frame to it, when you do so, it pushes you harder to work.

I met a very good friend when I was in level 200, this was the question he asked me: Priscy, how would you want your next five years to be like? Till date I’m still working on what I told him, because the 5years date is pushing me so hand to achieve those goals.

Life is too short not to attach deadline to our dreams.

Why do we need to set goals?

All successful people have goals. Do you want to be successful? If yes , then set goals. Don’t just stand up and set any kind of goal, set clear goals which motivates you to work hard and achieve them. Forget about what lies behind you and strain towards what lies ahead.

How do you set goals?

Decide exactly what you want to do. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Words of affirmations, tell yourself, in the next five years, I Priscilla Nyamadi will be a successful entrepreneur. Learn to be focused and don’t get destructed

Also be discipline, it takes self discipline to achieve your goals.

Successful people are noted for setting goals for themselves. They therefore do not rest on yesterday’s achievement.

#Nothing can be achieve well without setting a goal which motivates.

By: Priscilla Nyamadi

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