There’s a saying that says , ” those who fail to plan , plan to fail” , you might have heard this , planning is one of  the important factors keys in reaching your goals . What does  it actually mean to plan?

Planning is an attention or decision about what one is going to do , deciding and making arrangements for for in advance.  Preparing ahead of time.

One may ask , is there a need for me to plan ? Yes there is , when we fail to plan, we plan to 

fail and we are just preparing for failure : people who do not plan are always unprepared and give up easily. 

I believe that planning is  one thing that that motivates and keeps us going , also another effective way to attain what you want .

Planning also helps you focus on your priorities and to see a better future for yourself, you may not be living it now but as you  plan, it pushes you harder in achieving your goals.

Allen stated ” A plan is a trap to capture the future ” and I totally I agree with this , because without a  plan,  there is no way you’ll be moved to do things that will help you attain a successful future.

Most people are living an unconcerned lifestyle,  they say, whatever will happen should happen and what can  come. Their just okay with  what ever that comes their way.

When can you start planning?

Most people in their early 20s find it not necessary to plan, they do not see what value it is of , but the time to plan for a successful future is now , they fail to do so especially when they do not know what they actually want in life .

So, one thing you need to do when planning is deciding what exactly you want,  as you plan don’t get destructed,  speak what you desire to become and set a deadline for your goals as you plan them.

Remember this five ps


P: planning


P: poor

P: performance



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