DARE TO BE DIFFERENT – By: Priscilla Nyamadi

This is what most of us struggle with

It’s really a challenge to most of us . But the truth

Is we need to dare to be different and do things

differently in a positive way , which will make us

live a satisfied and a fulfilled life. What does

“daring to be different ” really mean ? This actually

happens on a daily and personal basis in any

aspect of our lives. Another question is what

actually holds us back from daring to be different?

Fear, yes it may be fear for some people, the fear

of what people will think and say about us , are

people going to be interested in what we are

‘bringing to the table’? Our lives becomes

different and everything about us becomes

different when we kick off fear and start taking

a bold step . Choose to build others, it may not

make sense to some people but that’s okay. Living

a life of mediocrity isn’t it but live a life of

excellence in the pursuit of your dreams .life

without a purpose is really a ‘living death’ , what’s

your divine purpose? If you have a purpose then

you can pursue it with passion .

#A life not examined is not worth living #
#stay safe#


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