A 19-year-old man has been arrested by he police at Akim Oda for allegedly kidnapping a nine-year-old boy at Jamaica, a suburb of Akim Asuboa in the Eastern Region.

The suspect claiming to be a stranger from Accra, according to the Police,  asked the 9-year-old victim (name withheld) last Sunday to show him the way leading from Akim Asuboa to Akim Manso which is a neighbouring town.

He is said to have taken advantage of that to kidnap the little boy.

“Later in the afternoon, the suspect called the mother of the victim on mobile phone to demand an amount of GHȻ 5,000.00 as ransom for his release,” the Police said in a statement on Monday.

Police investigation showed that the suspect travelled with the victim in a commercial transport (trotro) from Akim Asuboa to Manso and continued to Akim Asene and finally to Akim Oda where police traced and arrested him.

“The victim is fine and has been handed over to his mother after preliminary assessment and counseling, while the suspect is being processed for court,” the police said.

The police has meanwhile entreated all parents and guardians to educate their kids “to know that it is okay to talk to strangers but it is not okay to go anywhere with a stranger without the parent’s or guardians’ permission”.


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